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I have added a nice little forum to this blog .. 1-800-HART-FORUM

If you didn’t know, I’ve had this page in my sidebar called 1-800-ASK-HART where if anybody had an accounting and bookeeping or personal or corporate income tax question .. all they had to do was post a comment and ASK HART (me) and HART (me) will find the answers for you.

There hasn’t been too much activity on that page.

I signed up at the website almost immediately after I first discovered their site, referred in my bloglines from Darren on his blog last summer … but it wasn’t until mid January 2007 that I finally began to go around and actually add some code to a few of my sites and test it out.

What it does .. or claim to do is … “helps you build organic search engine traffic” .. It tracks certain keywords that is used by readers getting to my pages, and if they do searches and ask a question, it rounds up all the questions .. or as they claim … “doing visitor intelligence and get ideas for new content” .. i.e. Good Stuff!

Well .. I have been receiving weekly emails and there has been interesting keywords popping up each week. There has also been some interesting questions that I may have already discussed previously … or, I really should discuss in the future.

I wanted something different than an extra page here

So .. I’ve added the Simple Forum wordpress plugin, by Yellow Sword and thought I would try it out. Here’s a screen shot .. and you can access the link under the PAGES section in the sidebar.

It seems “SIMPLE” enough to set up!

I have created a new 103bees sub-forum (only I can create new topics) under one of 5 public forum groups that I have created:

* 1-800-ASK-HART
* Accounting and Bookkeeping
* Personal Income Tax
* Corporation Income Tax
* Amusing Stuff, Blogging, and Miscellaneous

Anybody can register and ask me questions, or post comments, or leave me links, or even answer some of the weekly questions that I will post every week in the forum. If you have anything to share that fits into any of the above five forum categories .. feel free to create a new forum thread and just start to post. Even if you don’t have anything to share … perhaps you are interested in trying this in your own blog .. practice here! I’m sure we will all benefit by making sure this forum CAN WORK inside a wordpress blog, plus be informative to the accounting and bookkeeping and income tax communities, and other readers that come visit me regularly 🙂

Please note .. this is all experimental and a learning experience, to have a forum built into this wordpress blog – but I hope it works out well. I know the other two forums that I have … and … both take up a lot of time in maintenance and are spammed quite a bit actually. I think, as I am inside this blog more frequently .. I can control the spam that may be abusedly created by spammers and keep this forum nice, clean and a good source of information.

In the meantime, I will try to create some topics that I hope may become active in this blog, and help with answering some questions from my readers! You feel free to do the same .. and hope to see you in the 1-800-HART-FORUM!

Take care.


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