For Reference Later: FOIA Status With Internal Revenue Service – Kent Hovind Trial (4-29-15)

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Complete timeline of Rudy’s attempts to get FOIAs from each department involved in the persecution case against Pastor Kent Hovind. Kent has asked for the amount of money spent, as a whole by all agencies, on his case. We are already estimating well over a million dollars all spent persecuting an innocent man who drove an old used van, lived in a church parsonage, and never had a personal net worth above the national average (because he reinvested nearly all proceeds back into his ministry and Creation Science Center).

Kent Hovind Requests Help Filing A FOIA On How Much Government Has Spent Persecuting Him (4-12-15)

More Information On How To Do A FOIA Request On Kent Hovind’s Persecution Case (4-14-15)

Revised Wording on Kent Hovind FOIA Request (HOW MUCH HAVE THEY SPENT?!)

Following Up: Kent Hovind’s FOIA Request (27 days 13 hours 50 minutes left until trial)

FOIA requests for Kent Hovind sent to BOP, IRS and DOJ. (4-20-15)

FOIA entered with BOP Bureau of Prisons (Kent Hovind Trial Update) (4-21-15)

FOIA sent to IRS Internal Revenue Service (Kent Hovind Defense Update) (4-21-15)

Deptartment Of Justice FOIA Request Is Going To Take 20 “BUSINESS” Days. (Kent Hovind Trial Update)

Attempting To Get Confirmation That My IRS FOIA Request Was Received. (Hovind Trial Update)

BOP FOIA Rep Says Sometimes The Online Forms Do Not Work (Hovind Trial Update)

Continued followup on the BOP FOIA to see how much it costing to imprison Kent Hovind

Kent Hovind Trial Update: Follow-up With IRS FOIA – How Much Spent Persecuting Pastor Hovind

For Reference Later: DOJ FOIA Request On Kent Hovind’s Persecution Continues (4-29-15)

For Reference Later: Continued followup With BOP FOIA For Kent Hovind (4-29-15)

For Reference Later: FOIA Status With Internal Revenue Service – Kent Hovind Trial (4-29-15)

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#FREEKENT   Subscribe to our brand new NEWS channel here on YouTube. We have a video report uploading to our channel now that proves Kent is innocent. Subscribe and the video will be up within the hour. Thank you so much. Help us push Kent to many more people.

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