Foolishness – Defined

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I received an email awhile back, and we responded back ‘n forth. I’m the guy in the leisure suit, and the fellow corresponding me is the skull. I’ve debated whether or not to republish this ‘conversation’ and concluded that foolishness and stupidity warrant the public humiliation of a person who thinks up these types of requests.

Anyway ..this is how it went …

Hello …

I have quite an odd question for you today. I should preface this by saying I am 18 and am at university in Ontario. Being in Ontario and all, the age of majority is 19. When searching though google, I found a scan of your Manitoba drivers license on your blog. I am trying to produce an ID for myself, but Ontario and BC (where I am from) licenses have holographic film overlayed. Yours looks like it does not. I have a card printer, but no template. Ie, no image that could pass off as a drivers license to send to the printer. I am just wondering if you’d like to help a young guy out by providing me with a high res scan of the license. Very much appreciated!

That is quite an usual request, but there is no way I would give you a copy of my drivers license.You’ll just have to wait until you are 19 I suppose.


Ok, thank you for taking the time to respond. I understand. How about if you blanked out the numbers, name, and picture?


I don’t understand. You say “I am trying to produce an ID for myself” .. Use your own drivers license or social security card. Do you need a number for your provincial or federal agency? I can get that for you. Where are you? in BC? or Ontario?

Hi again,

Sorry, I was unclear. I have a card printer that is able to print to blank drivers license sized cards. I am trying to print a drivers license with my name, but that says I’m 19 – a ‘fake ID’. Normally what I’d do, is scan my BC drivers license at a really high resolution, then just change the birthday with photoshop and print out a copy of the ID. The copy would be exactly the same but have a false birthdate. The problem with BC licenses is that there is a hologram coating it. The card printer I have does not print holograms. That is why I am looking for the template of a Manitoba license – I can’t see a hologram on them. I would use the scan of your license, change the name to my name, change the birthday to say I’m 19, and then print it out. I hope I’ve explained that better. I used to live in BC, but now I’m at university in Ontario. Thanks again for the communication.


There’s something very wrong with you. Please stay away from my site and you do not have permission to steal a copy of my drivers licence

Good day.

Well, after that email I did a server-wide I.P. ban and ceased correspondence. I do keep his name and website “on file” just in case.


John Uy says:

That’s hilarious. Hope you don’t mind but I just had to link to it from my blog.

Thanks for the link John! You’re in Winterpeg too? Grrrr the weather although, we always get something in March or April..


John Uy says:

Thanks for the laugh. Let’s just hope this is the last we see of ‘the white stuff’

anonymous says:

still need that dl template? 4800 dpi sigle or multi, every state or country in your area

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