Follow Up: Coat Check Please!

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This is a followup to yesterday’s Coat Check Please! At Least That’s What My Wife Said To Me This Morning ….

Okay .. So, I showed you the tools … now I will show you the results of what I did last night after dinner while I was watching T.V.

(1) Survivor
(2) My Name Is Earl / double header and
(3) Stargate SG-1



Basically, everything for 2006 relating to my mail (except the actual cash receipts, debit receipts, and credit card receipts still to be sorted) .. is in the burgundy $6.57 CDN filing folder in alphabetical order. When I am finally ready to do my own income taxes, I will be first sorting out the receipts and associate them with the proper bank or credit card statement .. or bundle of cash expenses by category .. and then do a quick “Tape Job” and recap everything into Excel and summarize in my GL8 (Microware) Accounting software, and then do my T1-2006.

I left some stuff in my ‘Magazine Folder’ plastic thing-a-ma-jig for my current things that I have to attend to .. filing November PST return, filing some CRA acknowledgements, and a couple of unpaid bills or letters to respond to.


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