Financial Planning : Tips on How to Save Money

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In order to save money, a person must have an understanding of how much money she is bringing home and where this money is being spent. Discover how the crea…


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Andrew Mills says:

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Fireballx733 says:

This is the same video as how to stop spending or something..

The3adama says:

nope man in Islam that’s not true anyway um not gonna go to this topic but thanks for the tip 🙂

keepdancingmaria says:

I had a job, part time, at 17. If you can’t find a job, you must eliminate your expenses. Parents are obligated to put used clothes on your body, cheap nourishing food on your plate, and pay for your highschool textbooks. Nothing more. You want more? You need a job. Can’t get a job? You don’t need more.

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The3adama says:

if you don’t have a paycheck am 17 years old i can’t always take money from my parents cuz i have a lot of needs how can i save money

Siniša Vidaković says:

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goodgirlsguide says:

ahhhh – do you mean don’t get married to the wrong woman? (or man)

Shawn Keely says:

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TheMasterrose100 says:

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Abu Sufian says:

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chewydssh says:

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GreatDeals1000 says:

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Joe Massey says:

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Karl Puetz says:

i have just recently gotten a part time job (teenager) and have gotten around $3000 but I’ve spent so much and only got $931 left, i have been spending it at the shops and things of that nature (mainly on energy drinks). but i watched this and basically all i can take away from this video is don’t go to that shop?

Jason Black says:

Eat less meat, stop drinking soft drinks/drink more water, shop around for cheaper car insurance, never co-sign, max out your 401 K at work, make a budget, stay away from malls/stores, eat in more, use coupons, buy used, use your local library, brush & floss teeth daily, take care of your health, borrow dvd’s from library/redbox, buy a IRA Roth every year, learn about investing at your library, google Dave Ramsey/Clark Howard, don’t lend money, google marriage fraud, invest in a good education.

Mukhban Sokhi says:

Thanks for your educational video. Please add some bullet point to you video it will help the viewer to get more from listening it. It will help many people.

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GreatDeals1000 says:

Saving money is not as hard as we think it is.
Sometimes we just have to get tough with ourselves
and live on a reasonable budget.

Lottofilm says:

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shortstuff1138 says:

Great Tips! … Love ur videos!

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rayrosales1 says:

dude i know, it sucks, i always want a new guitar or something, and i have 11 guitars….

HomeImproving says:

It’s better to pay off your debt as soon as possible, after that start saving

Abdullah Alsowaygh says:

lol am LF how to save money that my dad is giving me every month XD !
because I spend them on a new guitar or a sound system speakers etc ..

managerofwealth says:

The secret to saving is to have it removed from your spending habits. Have a percentage deducted from your paycheck or checking account automatically every month. If it never reaches your wallet you can’t spend it. Pay yourself first.

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