Financial Planning The Right Way

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Write down your goals, don’t get emotional, and stay on course.


Don Bullard says:

Great tips on financial planning

Stratlign, Inc. says:

If you haven’t spent all of your tax refund yet, you may want to consider
investing some of it in reaching long-term financial goals. Here are some
tips from Forbes on how to invest wisely.

managerofwealth says:

If discipline would come up before things.. Great result happens.. In
financial planning you discipline would be the essential tool as well..
Thanks.. Nice video..

makeiteasyable says:


zloben9000 says:

I HAVE a lot to learn 🙂 thank you for that video ! THANK YOUUUUUU !

azn53xwizflex says:

Picking the right index product is a good solution and I know how to get
there. Retirement deals with money, not age and you don’t have to wait
until you’re 65-67.

Dice Hunt says:

Buy your stock/mutual funds ALL THE TIME. Don’t worry if it’s going up or
going down. You will come out better in the end by being CONSISTENT. You
would have what is called ‘income averaging’. You are buying at all times.
Over all, you will be paying the average cost for it. Whatever you do,
DON’T STOP IF THE MARKET FALLS! You’ll lose. After all, a share costs less.
This is the VERY BEST TIME TO BUY. If you have some extra money, buy more
than usual. Don’t stop for fear it’s going down.


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SSLOnline says:


calgarymortgagebrkr says:

Its not the flash, its the solid fundamentals, and staying the course, that
makes the difference.

vietnhien says:

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