Financial Planning That Feels Good

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To find out more about Kate Northrup and her book, Money: A Love Story, visit When you buy the book before September 24th you…


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Arijit Gupta says:

awesome tips! thanks a lot!

Calvinistin says:

Great video. Very wise and insightful! Will check out the book.

Es Zett says:

I’ve done the tasks simultaneously to watching your video: I haven’t been aware of what money means to me, why I always seem to have such a ‘bad time’ while spending my money. When I first heard about your book I was wishy-washy about buying it, but I’m now beginning to change my mind. Convincing.

COCO Essence of Bellydance + Sensuous Dance Workout says:

So good and so evident. Thank you for your work Kate <3 I just ordered your book!

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