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I hope these tips are helpful for you! Thumbs up for saving & living a life of financial freedom! I created this video for women but I believe it applies to everyone, so please share it in your social media feeds if you think it would help others! xo

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Mo Isabelle says:

I briefly worked as a financial planner and gurllll PREACH! One of the worst things I saw was how so many women did not understand what different retirement plans were and why they were important.

Christina Pruitt says:

Yes please, more videos – goals, finances, etc.

Style Secrets says:

Great video !! You're my kind of girl haha 🙂 xx

Christine Cortese says:

Those are great tips. I started writing my balances down in my planner every week and find it helps me enormously. Also, adopting the savings mindset is essential for future prosperity.

Kha Vang says:

Great tips! Loved the video & looking forward to seeing more from you!

PlannerAddictBritt says:

I love your videos, please make a financial series.

As a 21 year old, I watch your videos to learn things that will benefit me in the future! I'm learning so much. I totally agree about checking your bank statements. I check often especially after a transaction. Once, I checked my account after a transaction and someone stole money from my account.. (Just stressing the importantance of always checking your account!)

Thank you for sharing your knowledge! ☺

Robin Srivastav says:

Thanks for your tips.

Kendra Lee says:

I love your videos!! Very informative and always fun to watch

Elizabeth O says:

These are great tips! I'm a college student trying to be better about my money! More videos like this please! :]

Books&Sage says:

More of this please! :)

Lisa's Magical Life says:

Yes please do a series! I love the direction you are taking with the productivity and business videos. Thank you for sharing!

Shante J says:

how do you keep track of it all? my struggle is keeping track…but I like putting a little up everyday?

anaprieto says:

love this vídeo Mae, I think this may be a gold mine to explote in your chanel. Thank you

Classykisses says:

Please keep these videos coming!!!! Love your knowledge☺️☺️☺️☺️

lilybeans21 says:

I'm gearing up to pay off my student loans in 2016. It's going to take a lot of sacrifice but I want that financial freedom!

Lela B. says:

I have loved this channel over time for the versatility. We can talk pens,paper and planners and then go right into financial freedom. I think its awesome that you're willing to share some of your knowledge of finances with us! I am one of those persons you described in the video who "ignores my savings" i believe a cash based system is ideal for me too. Could you possibly go over a cash envelope system. or maybe share how you budget for day to day activities i.e eating out, groceries, gas/fuel etc etc. The other thing I must add is that no matter where I have commented on any of your social media accounts you ALWAYS have taken the time to respond to my comment and that means soooo very much to me! You're very down to earth and I appreciate that !
Thanks again!

Yvonne says:

Yes, would love a periscope Q&A

Sher Chanel says:

I am a law student but I dream of one day owning my own salon. I can't believe it took me this long to find you. I love your planning videos and now your financial planning videos!!!

Maria F. Lopez says:

Omg! I love you, lol! I'm a stay at home mom and we are both very involved in our finances, we are in the process of buying a home and he's been really good about saving up and me on the other hand am not sure why it's downhill on that area. It's almost 12am while I'm watching this so I don't have my Filofax to write everything down but bet you I'm watching this tomorrow as soon as I get the chance. These videos can really help with the new year coming in. Thank you so much! Keep em' coming!

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