Financial Planning: Insurance Or Investment (Cost of Ignorance) – Hindi

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The biggest mistake which we make in investing in not understanding the importance of Time Value of Money. This leads us to believe the off the shelf insurance products which are marketed to us are actually very god investment avenues.

This video looks at the mathematics of a traditional Money Back Plan and compares it with a combination of Term Plan and Mutual Funds. Watch the video to know the results…

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gurakesh roy says:

Thanks Shivani mam….

Daily Needs App says:

Great video. Kindly share your opinions on mediclaim policy, and what would be the best way to have (insurance + mediclaim + investment) .. If possible please make a video on mediclaim ..

Mohamed Shahid says:

Very nice madam, very comprehensive explanation.

Burning Desire says:

Those 14 dislikes are sure insurance agent this video.

soni sinha says:

Very nice madam

kadak Sera says:

Mam may I know your branch office in North East India. .?

Arnav Kumar says:

nice calculation

Brijesh Taksali says:

Mam thanks a lot for such an educational video on this subject.God Bless you! Could you also do a video on Health Insurance?

mukesh mahour says:

Kon sa mutual fund.. good returned for long term.. pls suggest..🤔

mukesh mahour says:

Good work Mam

Rakesh Kumar says:

can u make a video on financial formulae in excel…just as you use xirr, fv, irr, pv.

Vineet Rastogi says:

Great…..Keep doing this financial education..

Ramesh Chand Koli says:

madam konse mutual fund me paisa invest Kiya jaye is par bhi vdo banaye thanks for new information

Vijay lakhani says:

Hi i want u r email id
Regarding investment


good video but could not understand how we can be covered for 25 lacs by giving merely 5000/ p m and please clear the age factor also

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