Financial Planning in Your 30’s

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People in their 30’s often lose sight of saving for retirement because they are busy with things like raising kids, paying off student loans and buying a new house. Find out how to get back on track and take advantage of saving in your young years to fully prepare for a successful retirement.

0:05 “Max out your 401(k) as much as you can or at least to the match”

0:23 “Look at eliminating high cost debt, because when you look at student loans, if you look at credit card debt, car loans and things like that, this can add up significantly, and then you’re just bogged down”

1:20 “You have to take a look at paying yourself first, keeping those expenses under control, and then if you do get a bonus or if you get a raise, try to save half of that”

2:03 “This is a great opportunity for the younger generation to take control of their finances and start saving”

Season 2 Episode 18

Aired 5/2/15

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