Financial Planning : How to Become a Financial Analyst

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In order to become a financial analyst, the first thing to do is to consider that the education will most likely consist of a finance degree, a CFA designati…


Basir Robinson says:

Can you comment on how best a person with the necessary education already
can break into the financial analyst positions? What jobs should you start
at? Do you suggest becoming a financial advisor and sell securities first?

karim mahmud says:

degree in math or MBA…..

alexthat1guy says:

what he basically said: go to school then find a firm wow great advice! haha

Pseudologic says:

Economics is fine. B.Comm is too.

Jimmy Mcrustler says:

im 14 years old and im phsyced to be working as a financial anyalist

b0ondockz says:

Im interested in becoming a financial analyst but Ive read some mixed
opinions about this career. Some say that working as a financial analyst is
a thankless job where taking vacations is frowned upon where you are
required to work 12-15 hours a day and that you should expect to lose your
job a few times because it is unstable. Can anybody out there who is
actually a financial analyst give me better insight into what its like
working in this industry?

Bo Manry says:

Really good information!

VideoGameCoupons says:

I’m amazed..please keep them coming!

James Colson says:

I was told by like sev psychics that I would one day own my own financial
firm with my husband in New York City and that I would be a financial
analyst. At first I thought it was crazy as I am very very creative and
this does not seem very creative to me. But I am also very analytical and
can work well with numbers as I went all the way up to Calculus in high
school and did pretty well.

thalialuvmx says:

asus computer….the choice of smart people lol

InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

In addition to having strong math skills, and as he states in the video,
one must be detail oriented to be a financial analyst.

noreenyounan says:

super like ur faves…enjoyed it so much

zoundb says:

youve got to have the fire, the degree doesent mean much as long as you
dont know how the game is played and how the markets work.

YH4L says:

this guy can barely speak

masipula11 says:

I do Economics, Physics, Philosophy and Ethics and Spanish. Is it possible
for me to become one

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