Financial Planning & Forecasting – Pat Obi

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Undergraduate Finance Lecture at Purdue University Calumet.


Saleh Al-Harbi says:

Thanks for the video
Kindly could you please share the excel sheet on Dropbox Thanks

Olusegun Aiyeola says:

Great insight, thanks for sharing.

derek allan says:

Hello Pat. Great lesson!
Question: If interest rate on all debt is 12% and total debt is $20,000 why
is the interest expense $510 for both the current and forecast year? Thanks

Mohsen says:

It was really hard for me when I first quit my job to stay at home bucseae I was so used to working and having work define part of my life. We shouldn’t feel inadequate for being a SAHM but it is hard sometimes to not feel that way. I love that in today’s world though there are so many other options available where we can work from home or find other creative ways to do more with our lives. Thanks for stopping by.

Saleh Al-Harbi says:

Thanks for the video
Kindly could you please share the excel sheet on Dropbox Thanks

Sujaya says:

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Tadas says:

Ive loved all your videos so far, it has given me some crtilay for and helped me bind ideas together much more efficiently. Great job!!One slight issue that i have though is that i find your ADE, LER rule to be slightly less useful then the PEA, RLS rule that i was taught.Purchases, Expenses, Assets- Revenue Liabilities , Sales i find a bit easier. I would love to hear your input on this.

Redha says:

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Breanna says:

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Pat Obi says:
Miquel says:

Just because she deegariss with your point of view does not make her mistaken. I have a feeling that the only reason you are determined to put bookkeepers out of business is just a matter of sour grapes and/or you are not getting enough accounting/auditing work to satisfy the partners. If you had enough accounting work of your own you would not have time to stew about whatever bookkeeping work you aren’t getting and you would also know that no truly busy accountant

Erdem says:

Obrigada ao pessoal do site. Entro aqui toda hora pra ver se o eipisdoo ja esta postado com legenda e tenho percebido que vcs tem providenciado o mais rapido possivel! Fazendo download do ep. 3 agora!!!! \o

Ramzi says:

Guess you can’t win them all. I think a lot of traders got bunerd acting on overbought and oversold signals at times of late. But they are useful and changes in direction along with good chart reads add to your arsenal. Not quite sold on the reliability as a fast signal. I’ve been inclined to use it as a leading indicator. Good stuff tough. I’ve been doing a lot better trading since following you. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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