Financial Planning for Beginners | Personal Financial Planning Course P1 By CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

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Watch the first part of the Personal #Financial Planning #Course by CA Rachana Phadke Ranade. This series is focused on financial planning for beginners. In this video CA Rachana explains the basics of #PersonalFinancialPlanning, Password management, Account operations, Account nominees.


Sugam Pradhan says:

Ur the best

Sebastin Antony says:

Do it fully in English

HD rocks says:

Mam plz marathi madhe pan videos banva eka bramhan cha vachan eikun bara vatta

Mahendra Nath says:

Hi madam iam one of your student…iam so much interested in stock market…But I don't known anything about stock market…Zero knowledge….So can please suggest what to do madam???

Hemendra Limbuwala says:

Basic information but very important and helpful for everyone…
Thanks for sharing knowledge with us madam….

Hemendra Limbuwala says:

Yes I'm spending at least 1hour for my prosperity…madam

Sunil Navelkar says:

Nice information mam

Ritu Parmar says:

Hello ma'am..i want to know about insurance and insurance policies


Thanks a lot

Satish Kumar says:

Please explain about financial planning..

Hariom Pradhan says:

ya to hindi bol lo ya english

Mayank Garg says:

Personal finance pe or videos chahiye mam especially for students and youth.😀

Balhera Talk says:

Mam, Please make more parts on Basics of Stock Market

all dharmik place says:

Rachna madam plz panic activate stock video bnyo

all dharmik place says:

Good madam I am a solsar and holding share good inf

anil sharma says:

FD automatically deposit to account no need signatures at all

Dilip Gowdru says:

Plz madam use English more so that even south Indian can understand na

Karandeep Singh says:


YY SAM Tech News says:

Big fan 💓

YouTub says:

Hi, can you make video on how much % of salary can be invested in Equity, Gold (etf, sovereign gold or gold MF), real-estate, RD/FD(as liquid cash) every month? Also you can add age dimension to it?

S D says:

5:00 Google sheet works very well as well. You control whom to share the sheet with whom to give rights to make changes.

Kuijung panme says:

Please speak in English so that all over the india can learn

Amnendra Singh says:

Your videos are awesome,basic + clear =clearity

arnold h says:

i do it 3hrs per day:)

Saiju Varghese says:


Sravanthi Ranga says:

Mam make a vedio on best investment policy

krishna says:

Dear Mam,
Yesterday i watch basic sharemarket video 1, but i am interested in commodities intraday, pls send some basic information and how i will become a king in intraday commodities.

Thank you

Krishnakumar Haridass

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