Financial Planning and Budgeting Techniques

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Close – My dad offers his insight on budgeting and managing money. You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here: http


Eaton Sargent says:

This. Is. The most adorable thing ever. EVER.

Adherer says:

nice shirt ^^

Liambot111 says:

I use what you use in a difrent way I take less the money I need to so if I see some games or figures then I know I can’t get them

Pa Rodriguez says:

dad you need you’re channel keep up the good work….

daniel151994 says:

I’m only 17 yrs old, in school and don’t have a job yet. I really appreciate you making this video because this is some great advice that I will be using once I start working and getting money, and using it responsibly. Thanks.

Liambot111 says:

Thank for that sir

BigShotLDN says:

great advice, thanks 🙂

nkwx says:

I know one or seven people who need to watch this video

simon dahquist says:


warex3d says:

Chris live with his parents?

ArtLoversStudio18 says:

This is absolutely essential.

wevenhuis says:

One of the challenging things is budgeting for health. So how do you budget for food for healthy eating and diet and maintain the daily dose of fruits and vegetables and other vitamins to keep healthy?

palillo2006 says:

*Need too

palillo2006 says:

I have one credit card and I never carry it with me. This makes me only use it when I been too

karldoyle2 says:

Finance is no problem if you live a conservative life.

SELG88 says:

gnomies bastards, chris bastard, 100 bucks per


300 euros a month :O smoking is a bitch

StockMarketPlan says:

Great tip on 401k contributions. I am amazed when I see people not utilizing a 401k offer from their employer. It is by far one of the best or if not the best way to build wealth today. Top two reasons why you should be using a 401k:

1. A deferral of your taxes.
Money that you contribute to a 401(k) is not taxed as income for that year and the money grows tax free while it is in the 401k.

2. Matching. Did you hear Mr. Pirillo say that most companies don’t offer 401(k) matching anymore?

Anddosdd says:

woah , creepy face behind joe at 4.10

Anddosdd says:

how many times did it take with unprotected sex to make a chris prillo?

azaas says:

well smoking is a bitch to quit … but hopefully i’ll manage to do that because spending/waisting like 300 Euros for cigarettes is plainly stupid :X

miguelgaio says:

I have a good way to avoid debt, and it is really simple, I simply dont have a credit card!

rickboy89 says:

i wish i had your parents lol

GJJalltheway says:

this is very similar to dave ramsey’s system. very easy, and most important…smart. you dont spend money you dont have!

xKizika says:

My only modification is that instead of highest amount, do it my interest. Otherwise, perfect video. I’ve done my budget planning through paper means for a few years now.

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