Financial planning 2020 Checklist

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1.Know your numbers
2. Manage Financial shocks
3. Know your financial peak and off peak times
4. Learn to spend wisely


yewilove1 says:

Hiya! Thanks so much for this video. It prompted me to check my credit score to make sure there wasn't any suspicious activity. It took me all of 5 minutes. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday season! Wishing you all the best for 2020. (By the way, I think the word you were looking for at 9:37 was "Buffer". Lol.)

Mpumelelo Dlamini says:

I smashed my 2019 goals
1.First thing you need to be honest with your financial situation
2. Invest into financial literacy get mentors and realize its not going to be easy.
3 Read financial book. I would recommend. Be your financial advisor by warran ingram, rich dad poor dad and richest man in babylon etc.
4. Lower standard of living pay your debt first before you invest
5 invest invest invest

Learn xitsonga with Brian Breezy says:

Already excited for the book

Lorato Lubidla says:

I cannot wait for the book! I'm so excited about becoming financial savvy.

Lefatse says:

These are the facts I needed to hear , thank you Nicolette

Seago SG says:

With studies it's so hard to save but hoping to do my best next year wanna end 2020 on a high gonna start with my numbers my finances are a mess yoh 💔

Miss morena says:

The content I signed up for 🙌🙏

emaransa T says:

Thank you for this information.

Rorisang Letseka says:

i like your work sister keep it up

Ephonia Komane says:

Thanks for the many advises, iv got a home loan and a couple of clothing accounts…. No credit card. Im planning on closing all of my clothing accounts, than the only debt I'll have is the home loan… Im wondering if that move will be good interms of my credit score stability?

Stephanie Awuah says:

@ "Jesus is not gonna love you less because you did not celebrate on christmas" 😂😂

Bethuel Govene says:

Thank you mam

Peter Siphamandla Dingiswayo says:

Wow 🙌🙌🙌 the kind of YouTube channels we need as the black youth of South Africa. Keep it up! You are really helpful

Nompumelelo Dlamini says:

Stumbling across this youtube channel today is the inspiration that I did not know that I needed. This is the progressive content we need to hear as a community black women taking up space in 2020 directly from another black woman. Thank you for this. I am honestly obsessed.

Tracy Zandile says:

Im never disappointed when i watch your videos. Yohh i needed to hear this (all your videos make me feel this way)🙏🙌

Msolza The BigDawg says:

Hy Ms Mashile..i have been been following your channel for more interested in property investment. May you please share platforms where i can start this amazing business. I would also like to know about property stokvels and please share some if you know them..i really want to start investing but i don't know how and where to start please help my dear.

Noluthando Ntshaba says:

Omg!!! We do our hair at the same salon in Randburg! You’re one of the most humble people I’ve ever met . Wow, so glad I found this. 😍😍😍

Thuso Mahlatji says:

I'm super excited about the Book 🙌😄

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