Financial Advisor Marketing: The Three Types of Financial Advisors |

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Financial advisor marketing and marketing to the affluent depend on a great business plan…In my opinion there are three types of financial advisors and fin…


7 Figure Advisor says:

Financial Advisors what do you think of this video?

VP. THANGA Velu says:

Fantastic, well explained. I am the third type of Financial adviser. 

7 Figure Advisor says:

Financial advisor marketing in the 21st century must be geared towards
serving and educating. The real issue is what are the deliverables for the
client…what’s the experience for the client. We believe there are three
types of advisors….take a look. This is a great video especially in the
wake of the CFP Boards “Fee Only” conversation.

Sandeep Sahu says:

yep thats correct. most of the people are losing their money in penny
stocks without much guidance. be mature and do this, even my mom started
making descent money from penny stocks trading using a professional
service. rush it here ==>

7 Figure Advisor says:

Great point…we absolutely agree.

annuitycom says:

Thanks for sending me the email.

Chubbybunny1964 says:

Thanks for sending me an email.! *subscribed*

YourFamilyLegacyBook says:

This is simple and very easily understood by clients. Thank you for sharing!

BustaFilms1 says:

Muy bueno el tipo este. Dibuja mejor que lo que dice.

goodgirlsguide says:

Nice video – bit rushed explanation though – but these approaches could be
applied to a number of areas of life – you could use this for career
planning, relationships, business…. the strategy area can be where you
offer your clients training.

Nataliya says:

Hi, Harrington and Hannah! I like lots of room too. And I never have enough toys. Tell your Mom that my Mom will be at the sale on Monday. She just loves a sale. Have a sggunly weekend!Digby

decisiontreefinancial says:

This is a good video. Plans need to be thorough but also implemented for
them to be worth anything.

7 Figure Advisor says:

Good catch…I would say Fee + Commission. You’re point though is exactly
one of the conversations that we touch on in our white paper, The End of
the Financial Services Industry (as we know it)?. There are so many
designations and so many compensation structures…advisors can have an
intelligent conversation about it ( but the consumer has no
idea. Would love your feedback on the paper…grab it for free on our
website or $0.99 at Amazon this weekend.

Jason Qualls says:

Great way to explain the types of Advisors. One question: How can you be
FEE-ONLY/Commission as the presenter states? Either you are fee-only or you
are not. Pure fee-only doesn’t mean no implementation. If client was sold a
“plan” for an upfront fee with no help on implementation, then shame on
that Planner. That’s not true planning nor the fee-only model as defined by
NAPFA. But if you are hanging your hat out as a Fee-Only Planner and
selling products for commissions on the back, thats shady

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