Filing Taxes For The First Time In Canada

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In this video we are going to look at filing taxes for the fist time in Canada. Why it is important to file taxes in Canada for everyone. If you are on your work permit or study permit, planing to study, work or stay temporary, or even permanently in Canada. Filing taxes can save you money!

In this video we are looking at the time frame to file taxes, the importance of filing taxes and getting your tax returns.

It is very important to file your taxes, even if you are not planning to stay in Canada, you can be missing thousands of Canadian dollars as your tax returns!

I know how difficult it is for new immigrants to file taxes for the first time, and how I could not understand what it was in my first 2 years in Canada.

I got into trouble with two different accountants making errors, and how I lost some money because of that and had to pay Canada Revenue $700 for my Ontario Trillium Benefit, because I moved to Alberta.
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Anton O Masich says:

Funny Bro ))))

Gurjinder Dhawan says:

Hey , I am international student from india and I heard that deadline for tax filling return is 30 April is that right or is it 31 march for international students

Beauty overloaded says:

Hi Igor, I have a question regarding GST ? How do you remit your gst for uber trips? can i just deposit the gst amount using the deposit slip provided by the CRA or do I have to file a return for gst?

Suraj Johney says:

How do international students file taxes? Do we have to keep the receipt of every purchases, or just some proof of fee payments?

Gihan Kulasena says:

you have gained a bit of love handles 😉 haha. Thanks for the informative video

Company.khosa says:

thanks igor for giving tax information which is very helpful for me.

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