Far Cry 3 Financial Planning

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What is the cost of doing business on Far Cry 3’s Rook Islands? Take a look at a cost benefit analysis of different playstyles available in Far Cry 3’s open world. Follow Far Cry 3 at GameSpot.com! www.gamespot.com Official Site – far-cry.ubi.com Check out our review! Watch – www.youtube.com Read – www.gamespot.com Visit our other channels: Gameplay & Guides – www.youtube.com Trailers – www.youtube.com MLG, NASL & eSports – www.youtube.com Mobile Gaming – www.youtube.com Like – www.facebook.com Follow – www.twitter.com Stream Live – twitch.tv www.gamespot.com


mswatchvideos101 says:

Spike lee in thumbnail.

malek kh says:

i prefer spending 900 game dollars just for the fun of seing stuff burn and explode

Swandonberg Dan says:

listen to this
while playing the game

PapagiannisWoW says:

did you get the 100 feathers in AC2? It took me ages and still had 2 left and couldnt find them…

Aschsaver says:

Too bad there’s no newgame+

anis wave says:

Yeah, i love completing Ubisoft games 100% like AC:Brotherhood, Revelations, AC3 and Farcry3 it really adds a LOT of time in the life of the game and a LOT of fun

Ziggenarko says:

LoL I just run around on warrior difficulty stabbing people undetected….

ipwnage23 says:

i mastered the game…

BrutalGamez says:

no no no, they got it wrong theres now a new end of the earth lols

frostbite7310 says:

far cry 3 have made so many videos about Far Cry 3, but they don’t approve it should be game of the year or even be nominated for it…WHY?

kross103 says:

wats dat is it a new cod

BossKillerMan says:

If you wanna go illegal ……. just download it from thepiratebay u retard

BossKillerMan says:

Try completing Skyrim ……..it Impossibulu !!!

sohaybsful says:

thx i know that but in my customize sniper the scop im attaching to it, my snip don’t have this two black line in the center of scoop i dont know y any help plz

FredIsMyName22 says:

Try completing Just Cause 2.

ruggedyful says:

or you can go on ebay and buy download keys .. here are a list of some games I got for really cheap
Far cry 3 —> £15
Sleeping Dogs —> £7.39
anno 2070 —-> £10.00

well below their retail price

leandrasin says:

I went on full Rambo mode some times and I got to say that the reward itself is when you go on full Rambo mode xD

Deathrow999 says:

Im sure they will at some point during the holidays….

moyga says:

Does anyone think this game will get discounted at some point during the steam christmas sales? Not sure whether I should hold out on buying it or not.

bobsternolan says:

You can Customize any sniper, as long as it’s not the Draganov.

1prettyricky says:

spike lee

ResetHangOver says:

leet till the end 1337

Mark Smith says:

The game heavily favours a stealthy approach, which is great because that’s my go-to play-style in any game that allows it, but it would have been nice to see a few rewards for those who just want to “power trough” as it were.

azat501 says:

Just capture enemy camps without being detected and fully upgrade your items when you do that you wont believe how much you leveled up and earned money.

nukeclears says:

:O pc gameplay

cipri95thing says:

got hit by a car….SERIOUSLY…but still living hehe….me win

BuchanonsStuff says:

berzu21 we meet again 🙂

sohaybsful says:

how can i get a scoop atachement like this for my sniper plz any help will be useful:D

itsmadmatt says:

i don’t get it

9MillerKiller says:

Use an assult rifle. All the enemy carry rifles and you can use their ammo, free of charge ;).

sandvikp96 says:

good to hear

Megalol91 says:

never had any money problems in this game. my 10.000$ wallet is full most of the time. i make a lot of takedowns though 🙂

Leonarldo Laurence says:

Selamat Tengahari.

roms3 says:

Gamespot’s videos about Far Cry 3 are brilliant.

RaptorVerhoeven says:

You have the right to take my life, but know I will also take yours. It’s said by Dennis, right at the beginning of the game.

iPerfection68 says:

i never had any money problems,guess you’re just wasting your money in a very inefficient way

Bahcorp says:

The developers where very clear when they said, the players are going to feel the consequences of every shot.
The game its supposed to be this way, with scarcity so you have to accept the challenge and survive.

nomercy8989 says:

First IGN and now gamespot?

NoobCiti says:

I just go to a safe zone & take from those ammo boxes that lay about. They’re full of ammo. Free of charge

EAZYED420 says:

you have the right to take my life ..who says that

residentmagnum says:

dead island / dead rising / dead space / fallout 3 and 4 / halo 2 and 3 / assassin’s creed

residentmagnum says:

is the knife the only melee weapon I play a lot of other games and a hammer or brass knuckles and physicaly beating the enemy to death is a lot of fun and sastifing

JCRockanlover says:

Yeah I just go Rambo in most of the cases

c3m3nth3ad says:

You don’t need to buy ammo when there’s so much loot around. Also the pirates drop ammo anyway.

jmj5498 says:

the mayans predicted it so you might wanna try going by thier timezone

tomcatobi says:

Time is money

Leonardo Martinez says:

I beat this game 100% in under 30 hours. Is there something I’m missing?

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