Fake CRA scammer – I called them back.

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The “fake” CRA called me to make me pay them my taxes (via the post office) It was a 26 minute call, I trimmed it down as best I could to showcase the whole scam they pull.


Karsyn Kissell says:

I like your bitch neckless

bongableherb says:

Josh doñalsdsons sister fr9m the bluejays

xBrodrigoTheDrummerx says:

"What would you like to do?"
Uhm yes, I would like to phone a friend.

yamato905 says:

i have been telling everyone. There is no scammer in this world if everyone can return their calls/emails to scam them back. This is the only way to get rid of them.

abd al says:


john hill says:

We need to have more ppl like us troll the shit out of these assholes tie their lines up if i had milliions i would build a troll center

Team Mystic says:

Became involved. ?

Team Mystic says:

I lost it with when Who Wants to be A Million Air. ?

John Williams says:

Good stuff!!! 😀 :)

MURFMAN04 says:

Haha well done!!

Ring Ring its Rosie says:

Ring Ring hello BEEEP

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