Estate Planning: What Happens To Our Children If We Die?

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Today, we’re talking about a topic we’ve never covered before: estate planning. We’re covering some estate planning basics and talking about the financial planning we’ve done to make sure that our children are taken care of if we were to both die unexpectedly.

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Doris De Jesus Levy says:

Awesome video. Thank you for sharing such sensitive and private info. Very helpful. Now, question, is a trustee a person or an entity like a bank or such?

Wendy Valencia says:

Estate planning is SSSSSOOOOO….important. I just briefly touched on this topic too although I spent a bit of time talking about writing letters to your children for important milestones….which is SUPER morbid. In more perky statements…I just massively upped my life insurance because I realized it was WAY too low. The insurance company spent an hour on the phone with me helping me figure out exactly how much I should have.

Alicia Una Ryan says:

This was such a great & necessary topic guys. Thank you for sharing
Greetings from South Africa

Alyssa Seguss says:

What do you use to estimate your home value? Are estimates on real estate websites like Trulia and Zillow accurate?

DopeSpirit23 says:

Great topic!!!

Bug Eye International Day Spa and salon says:

Thanks great info

Mayra Rosas says:

how do we know what to look for in a good attorney and a financial advisor? if we dont currently have either one, never had one, how do we about finding them?

TheChicandCheapBlog says:

Can you provide the name or specifics of the life insurance you have ? Seems something very interesting to look into.

Carolina Garces says:

Awesome! Super important video to make!!!! Thanks

printvapour says:

Uh, i wish i could find this kind of content and aproach done by someone in my country… it would help me so much, as our laws are so different from the U.S. Great job, guys! This is a very important topic! I envy your American audience 😉

Shirnell Clarke says:

What document should I have in place as a newly single mom?

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