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Part I: Introduction
Part II: Preventing Inheritance Conflicts Between Your Children
Part III: Protecting the Inheritance from Your Child’s Potential Problems
Part IV: Who Says You Owe Your Children an Inheritance?
Part V: Who Will Hold your “PROBLEM” Child Inheritance?
Part 6: How Will Your Children Divide Your Non Cash Assets?
Part 7: Protecting Your Surviving Spouse Ownership and Control of the “Family Money”
Part 8: Will Your Surviving Spouse Divert the Family Money From Your Children?
Part IX: Your Grandchildren
Part X: Pets and Charities
Part XI: The Final Triangle: You, Your Children and the IRS
Part XII: Avoiding Probate
Part XIII: Inheritance Planning & Government Entitlements
Part XIV: What Your Children are Thinking…. and You LIve and You Learn
Final Thought: Should I Tell my Children About my Inheritance Plan?
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