Estate Planning 101 Part 1

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Do you have a Will, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney or Trust? If you answered no or don’t think you need it, THINK AGAIN. Watch this video of Estate Planning Attorney, Harry Scaramella, presenting Estate Planning 101. In this video, Harry explains the real reason you should have a Will, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney and/or Trust Planning. You do this for your family so they don’t have to make life or death decisions at an emotional time in YOUR life. These documents keep you in control at a time when you might not be able to communicate your own decision to either your personal health care professionals, EMT’s or what if… out of state emergency situations. You create the documents personalized to your life style, your thoughts and your wishes. You choose who can act on your behalf and most importantly, who can’t! Keep your life, your health and your wealth exactly where you want it and who can access it if you can’t whether for a short period of time or a long time. Watch Estate Planning Attorney, Harry Scaramella, explain and educate in a way you will find easy to understand and remember. We hope you watch Estate Planning 101 and get motivated whether you live in Utica, NY, Syracuse, NY, Rochester, NY, Buffalo, NY or anywhere in between we can help! Our attorney travels to you to meet in the comfort and privacy of your home or your advisor’s office. Everyone has an estate, it’s call your stuff! Don’t pre-judge your estate. Check out our website at www


Tbrucejr says:

Harry, thanks for the video. You have presented the concepts more clearly than most people. Please keep making them! I would love to see your visually enhanced education to explain an AB trust.

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