Entries for an art contest at the Hirshorn Modern Art Gallery – NOT!

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These are pretty cool. There is an email going around the ‘net with a lot of attachments, that are claiming that they were entries in an art contest at the Hirshorn Modern Art Gallery in DC .. with one rule: “The rule was that the artist could use only one sheet of paper” ..

Now, don’t get me wrong – that museum is a pretty cool place to visit .. but I think it is a publicity stunt by the author, where these and MORE pictures can be found at his website .. Peter Callesen. And, if that’s the case .. hopefully he won’t mind me replicating what was in the email for all to see his talent. And, if it wasn’t the artist promoting himself, well .. please take a few moments to browse Peter Callesen’s site afterwards .. he’s pretty cool!

One Piece Of Paper


Ken says:

This is very kooool..
Do you have any instruction to do some of the simple one. Please send it to me at ken999bill@yahoo.com

Thank you

They are uber kool 🙂

However, I have no instructions .. as these are the art pieces of Peter Callesen.

Which one would you classify as the ‘simple ones’?? I think maybe the 21st one – with the guy hanging on to the other guy at the bottom of the sheet – might be one of the easier ones to try .

Trogg38 says:

Thanks very much for posting the link to Peter Callesen. After forwarding the pics several times, I got suspicious because the Hirschhorn was spelled wrong. Nice work!~

Your Welcome 🙂 Although, it wasn’t the spelling that got me thinking that this might be a hoax or not what my FWD’ed email claimed to be .. it was that all these paper projects were too cool and seemed to be done by well, one or a small handful of people – not like an open contest call. That’s what made me look actually. // I’m glad Peter Callesen gets the deserved recognition and link.

Debbie says:

I love these one sheet of paper. What creative artist! Thanks, I have enjoyed looking at these over and over.

Hi Debbie .. which one is your favorite? I think now, after looking at it again – that skeleton sitting on the chair with his ‘full standing’ shadow is my favorite 🙂

Evelien says:

This is so amazing, a friend of mine send me those pictures really good work

from the NL

Hi Evelien .. Greetings to you in A/NL from Middle of Canada!

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