Elimination of tax packages for individuals using the services of a tax professional

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I just received an email from Canada Revenue Agency to advise my clients of the following:

For 2006 and subsequent tax years, taxpayers who had their return prepared by a tax professional in the preceding tax year, and had a resulting nil or debit balance, will no longer receive a tax package from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

This basically means that if you had a no balance owing or received a refund and someone like me EFILED your 2005 tax return .. you will not get that envelope from Revenue Canada that had your name on the sticker with that T7DR(A) .. the non-personalized remittance form used by taxpayers to make their payment on filing either through a bank or to the CRA directly.

But don’t worry! Because your tax return will probably be EFILED again this year .. we don’t need a label .. and, I’ve got lots of T7DR(A) forms which I obtain every year and attach one already prepared with every tax return that has a balance owing, in case you DO want to pay your balance due at a bank. My software is setup so it just prints the label directly on my laser printer!

Canada Revenue Agency is hoping that you also prefer telephone or internet banking to pay any balances due, to further lessen the need to even use these T7DR(A) forms that you would pay inside the bank at the teller.

UPDATE: December 21, 2006 (posted Dec 23/06)

CRA posted a Q&A message providing their reasons for the elimination. Apparently, 5.2 million taxpayers were affected and saves the government approximately $2 million dollars.


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