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I received this in my In-Box October 26, 2005 … it’s that time of year again, for us preparers to register with Canada Revenue Agency to renew our participation online.

Thank you for using our electronic services to file your client’s individual and corporation income tax returns.

To maintain your access to our electronic services for the coming year, you have to renew your participation online. This will allow you to use the following electronic services:

* EFILE On-Line
* EFILE On-Line Plus
* System for Electronic Notification of Debt (SEND)
* Corporation Internet Filing

* To renew your participation, make an online request at http://www.efile.cra.gc.ca – Click on “Renewal” and follow the
instructions provided. To log on, you will need your current EFILE number and password.

* You only need one EFILE number to file all your clients’ income tax returns. Only tax preparation businesses that operate more than one location are required to have multiple EFILE numbers. If you are in that situation, remember to complete a separate renewal request for each EFILE number.

Ooooooooooohhhh .. is that scary and topical enough for Halloween?

As you know, I have been a registered E-Filer since 2002 and was the E-File co-ordinator for my ‘previous’ employment since the mid-1990’s. Generally, accounting and income tax preparers have to renew their participation information, to update any records that may be of interest to Canada Revenue Agency. If it’s a partnership, they would like to know details of the Social Insurance numbers of the new partners. Personally, it’s just a way to make sure that WE OURSELVES are current in the filings and balances owing on our own Income Tax Balance account and Goods and Services Tax (GST) Account filings.

But .. the ‘official’ reasons can be found here …. E-File – Suitability Requirements


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