Ebay Phishers .. Go Away!

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If you don’t know what “PHISHING” is … click on this link for more information, and to read the rest of the article in the box…

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This phishing attempt, disguised as an official email from a bank, attempts to trick the bank’s members into giving away their account information by “confirming” it at the phisher’s linked website.In computing, phishing is a form of social engineering, characterised by attempts to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy person or business in an apparently official electronic communication, such as an email or an instant message. The term phishing arises from the use of increasingly sophisticated lures to “fish” for users’ financial information and passwords.

With the growing number of reported phishing incidents, additional methods of protection are needed. Attempts include legislation, user training, and technical measures.

Of course, I never have to worry about these Phishing spam email messages, because my SPAMNIX add-on for my Eudora email program catches everything.

Generally – if Ebay, Paypal, Your Bank, Your Credit Card, or any of Your investment Accounts ever send you an email asking you to sign into your account … DO NOT DO IT .. delete it. Do not click on any links inside the email. Don’t try clicking on a link to ‘unsubscribe’… Just delete it – and move on. There is a great possibility that if your bank wants to tell you something, they will do it once you are signed in when you normally do your online banking. They will leave you a message. Ebay also leaves messages in MyEbay area.

Bogus EBay Phishing Subject Matters Received

From: eBay
* eBay New Unpaid Item Message from bargains-crazy: #6828039762 — response required
* eBay: Client’s Data Verification [Thu, 05 Jan 2006 03:11:22 -07
* Question from eBay Member – Respond Now
* Special Announce

From: eBay Center
* Update your eBay records

From: eBay Inc.
* eBay Inc customer notification: details confirmation
* Password Change Required

From: eBay Reward Survey
* eBay $20 Christmas Reward Survey!

From: eBay Security Center
* Update your eBay records

From: eBay Security Department
* *** Security Issues ***
* Fraud Prevention Measures

From: eBay Security Services
* Fraud Prevention Measures
* Your eBay card debit could be suspended

>>> Since January 3, 2006 (three days) I have received 52 spam emails, so I guess that averages to 17 per day and I can expect another 6,100 more spam emails before 2006 is out!

>>> If this is the first time you have heard about these type of dubious email scams .. (WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE 2000’s ?) … here are some of HART’s tips and suggestions for you:

(1) In your email – Do Not Click Any Live Link

(2) In Your email – place your mouse over the link (hover) and look at the bottom of the email client and the REAL link should be displayed. Often, phishers will either replace “L” with “1” or they will embed code to look like one site and really have another link altogether? Don’t believe me? Click Here to Go to eBay

(3) If you still aren’t sure, open up a new browser and in the location URI field – manually type the URL yourself

But, you got to laugh at some of these attempts though … Most of them have an extension of .ro (Romania) … I hope people aren’t buying that spam and junk .. these people are EVIL.

If you think you’ve been spammed … and want to let EBay know about it.. check out their own Privacy and Security Page (linked) or if you want to just type it in the location line yourself .. here is the URL:


HART says:

By the way … this is how my Spamnix knows that the email is Spam …
SPAM: ———————— Spamnix Spam Report ————————-
SPAM: Spamnix identified this message as spam. This report shows which
SPAM: rules matched the message and how many points each rule contributed.
SPAM: Content analysis details: (10.1 hits, 5.0 required)
SPAM: 0.4 THE_FOLLOWING_FORM BODY: Asks you to fill out a form
SPAM: 1.2 HTML_20_30 BODY: Message is 20% to 30% HTML
SPAM: 0.1 HTML_FONTCOLOR_RED BODY: HTML font color is red
SPAM: 5.4 BAYES_99 BODY: Bayesian spam probability is 99 to 100%
SPAM: [score: 100.0%; HX-NAS-Validation:sk:22EC0CF:99]
SPAM: [N:HX-NAS-Validation:sk:NNECNCF:99]
SPAM: [H*r:sk:ex06.bl:99 N:H*r:sk:exNN.bl:99]
SPAM: [detection:99 ISP:99 N:H*r:NNNN-NN-NN:99 pts:99]
SPAM: [H*r:SpamAssassin:99 H*r:2004-01-11:99 8.11.6:99]
SPAM: [sk:X-yours:99 BODY:99 H*r:2.64:99]
SPAM: [N:sk:exNN.bl:99 sk:ex06.bl:99 safer:99 unsafe:99]
SPAM: [index.php:99 0.1:99 HTML_MESSAGE:99 1.7:99]
SPAM: [sk:HTML_IM:99 bytes:99 sk:SARE_RE:99]
SPAM: [HELO:99 1.1:99 sk:MIME_HT:99 hostname:99]
SPAM: [N:HTML_NN_NN:99 Multipart:99 sk:FORGED_:99]
SPAM: [Dotquad:99 dotquad:99 0.0:99 1.6:99 0.6:99]
SPAM: [400-600:99 sk:HTML_FO:99 pretending:99 Forged:99]
SPAM: [MISSING_MIMEOLE:99 spacer.gif:99 forged:99]
SPAM: [CLICK_BELOW:99 0.2:99 HTML_60_70:99]
SPAM: [sk:X_MSMAI:99 sk:HTML_LI:99 Frontpage:99]
SPAM: [U*support:99 info@hbsmc.com:99 Uses:99]
SPAM: [establish:99 sk:quoted-:99 dotted-decimal:99]
SPAM: [sk:NORMAL_:99 sk:SARE_FO:99 numeric:99 4.2:99]
SPAM: [sk:SARE_UR:99 N:NNN.N:99 preview:99 10.0.2627:99]
SPAM: [N:NNN.NNN.N.NN:99 2006:99 sk:pics.eb:99]
SPAM: [UD:ebaystatic.com:99 UD:php:99 H*F:D*ebay.com:99]
SPAM: [UD:co:99 administrator:99 involves:99]
SPAM: [N:NNN.N.NNN.NN:99 identified:99 1.2:98 editor:98]
SPAM: [0.5:98 D*verizon.net:98 3.1:98 sk:profile:98]
SPAM: [Verify:98 Spam:98 sk:Content:98 contain:97]
SPAM: [HTML:97 images:97 sk:X-MailS:97]
SPAM: [UD:blacksun.ca:97 font:97 UD:gif:97 0.8:97]
SPAM: [Content-Type:97 H*c:multipart:96 5.0:96]
SPAM: [incoming:96 html:96 anyone!:96 D*ebay.com:96]
SPAM: [verified:96 navbar:96 plain:96 MIME-Version:95]
SPAM: [words:95 analysis:95 rule:95 boundary:95]
SPAM: [multipart:95 UD:ebay.com:5 H*r:localhost:95]
SPAM: [points:95 description:95 tool:95 Message-ID:94]
SPAM: [content:94 text:94 MIME:94 N:sk:NNNNNNN:94]
SPAM: [Click:93 particular:92 block:92 H*m:net:8]
SPAM: [N:N.NN.N:92 Message-Id:92 profile:92 save:91]
SPAM: [Return-Path:91 identity:91 N:NN.NN.NNN.NNN:91]
SPAM: [variant:91 H*c:HHHHHHHH:90 spam:90 Found:90]
SPAM: [1.0:90 H*c:mixed:90 eBay:11 easy:89]
SPAM: [alternative:89 completely:89 required:89]
SPAM: [pattern:89 X-Priority:88]
SPAM: 0.1 HTML_MESSAGE BODY: HTML included in message
SPAM: 0.1 HTML_LINK_CLICK_HERE BODY: HTML link text says “click here”
SPAM: 2.2 FRONTPAGE BODY: Frontpage used to create the message
SPAM: 0.6 NORMAL_HTTP_TO_IP URI: Uses a dotted-decimal IP address in URL
SPAM: 0.0 CLICK_BELOW Asks you to click below
SPAM: Spam level: **********
SPAM: ———————
End of Spamnix Spam Report
SPAM: ———————

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