eBay Auction Tracking Software for accounting and bookkeeping, for eBay sellers

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The easy way to track your eBay profits. Track the entire history of a listing from beginning to end including all fees and credits! See detailed reports showing profits by item and category, income and expense, and consignment for selected periods of time! So simple no manuals are needed! Web-based service you can access from anywhere, anytime. No downloads! You do the selling, we do the math! Spreadsheets and Gross profit analysis. Completely automated, just input cost per item and we do the rest. Unique reports allow editing on the fly.


alib174 says:

Does this still exist? I can’t access through Google chrome or Microsoft explorer?

Lucy Sinyaeva says:

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doublerkid says:


services011 says:

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night25b says:

take payments on ebay without paypal here youtube.com/watch?v=WEvMV_xKGl­0

Slav2010 says:

yeah and with all that detail what you ppl provide to us we can control the market better hurray ^^

suehenry1 says:

thanks john, and good idea

we are getting so many customers/positive responses, not sure need to offer discount.

that said, you may be on to something, so i will look into giving discount to try, thanks for the idea

In fact, sicne you are already a customer, i will contact you and see if we can give you month free or something for the good idea – how does that sound?

johnpgill1 says:

cool video. i love the website and service. can you offer a discount for power sellers or something? for say first month, 25% off? i will try anyway, but that may be good idea – this is really cool stuff, wow is right

aldraghia says:

exactly what i was looking for!

bambino9981 says:

Wow – I just signed up and all of my ebay transactions downloaded in seconds – Crazy! Awesome – Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙂

ignatj says:

This system really works

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