Double entry Book keeping explained in 10 minutes

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pissu nexus says:

thank you for uploading this.


I got it thanks

Tha HypeIzReel says:

Thank you. This helps tremendously. I was finishing your sentences by the end of the video!

Emilios Powerballer says:

great great video thank you and thats a pretty accent you have going on there

Enkelejda Shahini says:

I got confused here . I am studying AAT and the equation is Capital = Assets – Liabilities. in this video is Capital = Assets + Liabilities . Can anyone explain please ? thank you in advance 🙂

Deegayu Sakwithi says:

Can u try doing the Pearson syllabus, it will be a great help

SiHy says:

Cheers, mate. Maybe I’ll pass tomorrows exam after all

Renata Alvim Leal Santos says:

Congratulations for such a brilliant video!!!

Eden Hazardous says:

Very helpful video, would be great if someone did the full A level Specification!

Clarissa Johnson says:

For the life of me I can't get this but I'll keep at it… Your making this so much more understandable… thank you.

Rick Woods says:

Bookkeeping is one word

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