Dilbert: Deep Thoughts and Payroll Management

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http://www.dilbert.com/animation by Scott Adams. RingTales presents Dilbert Animated Cartoons. Deep Thoughts and Payroll Management. In Deep Thoughts, The Boss says, ‘If the water company can pipe water to my house why can’t the the toothpaste company do the same? The toothpaste factory should have a pipe to every home so you can turn a faucet. And don’t even get me started about pudding!’ Dilbert says, ‘meteor meteor meteor meteor’ In Payroll Management, Dilbert, Squirrels, Boss, Dilbert says I found a family of squirrels living inside our legacy system they control our payroll database they’re making demands Squirrel says leave the acorns and no one will get their deductions increased


Alexander Powers-Witowski says:

Aw, if only!

FlammieLL says:

Final Fantasy Player in a nutshell =D

Benivey2 says:

But is it art?

jollygreen122 says:

Even though this is a repeat, these are still good ones.

jbbremerton says:

i tried watching this on my blackberry, but i guess it won't pause without starting over…

TheY2AProblem says:

I should try that meteor thing.

Redlin5 says:

repeats but still funny

MooseOfReason says:

I remember the first one.

ciastoman says:

One of the best =)

Andrew Fakelastname says:

i want to get him started about puding

SomeIrishGuy19 says:

1 star stop repeating them.

Hreinn91 says:

Sure I agree, they are funny but why repost them. Getting my hopes up, looking forward for a new scetch, instead I get this.

Not unlike a punsh in the face. Shame!

NicosMind says:

Year End Spending and Deep Thoughts Video

Drunken Lemurs and Payroll Management Video

*****Great original content
**** Good original content
*** Alright
** Nothing Special
* The same old shit you thats already been done

BubbatheScrub says:

NB4 Bitching about repeats.

Still funny.

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