Deleted Scene: Accounting Wordplay – Parks and Recreation

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Ben teaches Chris the art of accounting puns. » Subscribe now for more Parks and Recreation: » Parks and Rec Returns for its Final Seas…


eddy dabeast says:

Came for the puns, stayed for the figs

michelle cargile says:

How to make a pun even more perfect? Make it an accounting pun!

Why oh why was this a *deleted* scene +Parks and Recreation ??

Escobar Furious Sr. says:

Gonna miss Chris Traeger… =(

flyforce16 says:

Calc-you later!

Daniel Klebingat says:

That wink! Haha

Shaina Joseph says:

‘Work is more if a hobby for me’ lol

Scarabic Jones says:

Premium… Premium FIGmeat in there….

Emma Kunard says:


emceeRANTSOM says:

Of course, Chris brings a healthy snack. Go FIG-ure. Heh heh.

Scarabic Jones says:

Wha… What? Why would you post THAT crap HERE? It’s parks and rec, man…

MuhLyfe says:

BEN that wink though

drevil37373 says:

municipal bond strikes again!!!!

Paula Newenn says:

Ben: “the name is Bond…municipal bond.” Haha

Timothy Donaghue says:

I guess that was funny?

usapilot78 says:

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