Defeating a Silly Political Tactic – Evidence Against the Canadian Revenue Agency

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Defending ourselves against political/government attacks we have to be able to recognize their tactics to avoid their lack of evidence and good faith. This article/video deal with a common tactic used by bureaucrats from at least three continents. When faced with their inability to support their claims, the predators will blame it all on the victim.

Here, the tax agent, Samantha Russell of the Sudbury office of the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), is unable to provide a single fact proving her claim the rules created by people called parliament, apply to a someone just because he’s physically in Canada. I don’t let up because her claim is hurting a friend, so Samantha gets desperate, she blames it on her victim.

Samantha claims the evidence of jurisdiction is the fact the man has registered with the CRA, he has a GST account number. I counter saying getting the number was compulsory, she denied this. I asked what would happen if he didn’t register, would that negate your jurisdiction? She said no, it wouldn’t. Then registration is not relevant. Samantha was not having logic that day.

So over in Calgary, another friend got the below in the mail. He’s being attacked and he was not registered. I know, where is the jurisdiction if he’s not registered? Remember, it’s not about evidence, it’s about prisons. The CRA, probably Carol, did the registration anyway.

Remember, prior to this being done, I spoke with Carol who had no evidence and her supervisor, Ron Gilewitz, who admitted, “I don’t need evidence.” These people will say anything regardless of how stupid, illogical and contradictory it is.

The claim the registration (or driver’s license, tax return etc.) is proof their “laws” apply is absurd because at the least, it is presupposing their argument is true. That being their “laws” apply to you because you’re physically in Canada. The above is proof even they don’t believe their own stupid claim, because if they did, then they would not have done the registration. According to the CRA, jurisdiction is based on you getting registered. No registration, no jurisdiction.

So if you are defending against an attack and they pull this crap with your, hit them with some solid logic. Don’t just disagree, call them on it by asking questions e.g., so if I don’t register I can continue doing business and you won’t have any jurisdiction to tax me?


A. Boisjoli (TheSovereign1) says:

here is another interesting point marc…how can anyone be physically "in" canada in the firs place? canada is imaginary abstract idea…a legal fiction. Sooooo how can one be "in" an imaginary abstract idea? sounds insane to me…

Sonya Paterson says:

Thank you for sharing your continued hard work.

Shawn Bradley says:

They cant just open a business number for you…….. what a bunch of bullshit their,s no law forcing you to do business with CRA.

P Nelson says:

On any contract "citation, ticket etc" there are two signatures. One is a promise to appear and the other is the guilty party. Either way any contract signed under duress is null and void.

Selrahc Seven says:

Mark keep up the good work. KEEP YOUR FOOT ON THERE NECKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Bochynski says:

Well done, Marc, as usual.

Logical fallacies, . . .

Presumptions, opinions, and platitudes, . . .

Reification (another logical fallacy) and pretending something is real that is not, . . .

All leading to . . .

“A blunt asserting of power.”

So, the question now becomes, “What to do with the violence being perpetrated against you?”

Are you supporting the beast that’s devouring you?

Are you supposed to submit quietly to being robbed and enslaved?

Grown-up questions, tough questions, painful answers.

Civil disobedience and self-defense.

“If some peoples pretend that history or geography gives them the right to subjugate other races, nations, or peoples, there can be no peace.” — Ludwig Von Mises

Bill Bochynski

Jo S. says:

In the U.S…never ever file a 1040……

Abbittibbi says:

The ONLY reason for prison in a civilian(tax is) matter in Canada, is contempt of the Court. CRA is not legal anyways, and nothing more than a private agency(under contract with the Ministry of finances). It's NOT PART of the government. Plus, article 2 of the Constitution state freedom of association. Quebec is NOT a part of Canada since 1982 either, they have their own constitution, illegal as well.

decompyler says:

argumentum ad baculum

Thomas Digiovanni says:

nice job Mark….u r the Man!

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