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Dean Clifford’s ( journey into unraveling the legal system and finding freedom started over a decade ago when the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) came after him for not…


Shy Gray says:

I actually got a notice from the irs stating they will not respond to any
of my notices..Now isn’t that ironic

Sovereign TyrannyResponseTeam says:

In the works with this new info now
it seems scary at 1st but trust me listen

adams holzhaus says:

Soverignty is a state of mind, like the anonimous movement. Basicly, its a
battle of your wits against the government (it all in your head). The US
constitution incorporated that Judges MUST vow to uphold it. That means
every judge in america (compitent of course) knows and understands your god
given right, and these aholes also know that they must OBEY every order you
give them as executore or they can be in breach of TRUST. How can you
trust them (their vow to the consitution) if you cant give them orders (as
a represenative of GOD) and they dont fallow them.

sandy holman says:

i say let them seperate themselves from us freemen its when they try to
make us follow there fake laws stealing our property our laws our freedoms
and our lives and this is bullshit like we are going to lay down for them
fhk no only a weak idiot would allow goverment to control their lives plz
no fear is the key to the fight stand the hell up for your freedom

sandy holman says:

i want my birth right i want my interest on my estate in fhkin gold i did
not consent to the goverment stealing my estate give me my money

sandy holman says:
JimmyT Kirk says:

US SUPREME COURT of USA INC., is PUKE ! Unauthorized by the u.s.
Constitution. Just as important as the legal teams of McMorons…..just
another corporation. Nothing to do with the Constitution. PUKES appointed

EliaseViao says:

The Constitution was broken when North Carolina left the union, breaking
the contract between all the United sovereign states and the Federalist.
When this happen The Leiber code was enacted by Lincoln. The Lieber Code is
Martial Rule, also the reason behind them going to war with the south..
because they wouldn’t leave the port of Charlotte leading to the rest of
the south revolting because of the feds dishonor towards contract law and
common law.


Dean gets a little wound up at the end.

daylight 1 says:

the constitution still exist…they could not remove it….buried it under
the Act of 1871…this is where they separated themselves from us….

Katherine Buckalew says:

thank you brother! <3

LABAL-S TV says:

If you value your sovereignty , this info and/or HipHop music, please take
a moment to check out my LABAL-S Bandcamp music page. I make conscious
hip-hop music dealing with many of these subjects which I’ve been studying
for many , many years. Guys like Dean Clifford, Santos Bonacci, and many
others! THANKS DEAN & Truth Connections!!! PEACE & SPREAD TRUTH

willfield III says:

Dean you are a fucking legend, i have been telling people for a while to
wake up, but havent been able to make it clear what i am saying until i
started watching your videos.

daylight 1 says:

wake up??? we need a starting point…so…yes its bull shit…26,000 years
of bull…

godbluffvdgg says:

May the angels of good protect Dean, his family and those he cares about
for ever and ever…

QuantumBunk says:

(1:48:00) Man that woman is obnoxious. Wish she’d stop trying to be such a
smart alec…very distracting from Dean’s points!!!!

hopespringseternal70 says:

everything’s going to be alright. we are on our way, and as long as we
continue civil disobediance, peaceful noncompliance and stop paying our
taxes…it’s only a matter of time before we prevail. no fear.

Jef Harvey says:

Great work

macjc7610 says:

Dean Clifford, FUCK YEAH!!!!!

unknowen1311333 says:

drinking coffie and chilling love it lol

greyone308 says:

Good questions Jef:)

bbruce995 says:

the only power they have is that what we give them, so maybe its time
people stopped giving them the power to control us

EliaseViao says:

Got most of its stuff from Magna Carta and Magna Carta got most its stuff
from biblical Law

daylight 1 says:

i pledge my allegiance to the earth…ONE diverse human race of this earth
…for this earth and by this earth……i am nothing…and i am
everything….of earth and sky…body manifested from the living earth body
extensions…..spirit of both……..where is the money?? in the sky…know
the cost of the programs…know the FULL extent of the power they hold…

JimmyT Kirk says:

forget puke legal arguments, forget puke caselaw. Learn your HUMAN RIGHTS,
Universal Declaration of Human Rights ought to do for starters. The u.s.
Constitution mentions rights we already had, and further secures them.
Forget puke Godless freakshow lawyers/liars who are anti-American

abra7777 says:

Fornication Under the Consent of the King (FUCK). Meant that when you
wanted to marry someone you needed the King to give you permission and
bless your union and also you needed the king to give his consent to both
you and your spouse to be intimate, otherwise you could be married but not
allowed to have sex until permitted to by the king.

ATL1ZEL says:


TimBrownSenorCafe says:

is winston shrout a fraud , nut job? appears to be in debt and bankruptcy.
accept for value work for ANYONE????

Lubri Cornus says:

haha i love this guy

TimBrownSenorCafe says:

the original 13th amendment forbids BAR members from holding office. ALL
the crap passed by the legislature is NULL & VOID.

Al S. says:

No its always been bull shit ever since the revolution!!! Wake up and see
that, its always been bull shit!

daylight 1 says:

it is still there buried under piles of lies and deceptions…the leiber
was 1863 …all of this led up to the incorporation of
America….incorporation is the complete separation of the government from
its people….it took 140 odd years to get to where we are today….the
lawyers and bankers played games and it is still going on today….

TheWimbley12 says:

How bout instead of yelling at the judge you simply tell him I’m a common
law unenfranchised freeman. I have the right to travel freely and
unencumbered pursuant to Shapiro V Thompson and that a right so basic it
need not be mentioned the State of ________ arbitrarily converted my
secured right into a privilege and a fee for it. Murdoch V Pennsylvania
Clearly states that no state shall convert a secured right into a privilege
and issue a license and a fee for it., and if the do..

TheWimbley12 says:

Shuttleworths V Birmingham, AL says that you can ignore the license and
engage with the right with impunity. Which means you can’t punish me and
since I have relied on previous U.S. Supreme Court decisions I have a
perfect defense for the charge of willfulness. U.S. V Bishop define
willfulness as an evil motive or intent to avoid a known duty or task under
law with immoral certainty. Thus I am immune to prosecution; therefore the
prosecution does not have a cause of action for which relief can..

TheWimbley12 says:

What constitution the one held up by the Supremacy clause Article 6
paragraph 2. Up held in court by Marbury V. Madison 5 US 137. This case has
never been over turned it upheld that the Constitution is the Supreme Law
of the Land. I normally don’t comment on YouTube, but how on one hand are
you talking about helping people then on the other saying we don’t have a
Constitution. We do and for Dean to talk about case law he has yet to
mention one case. How bout this the right to travel?…

GnosticNinja says:

watch?v=KIhMn3_glpA watch?v=UsPO8Ne96D0 watch?v=lVsMUpPgdT0

TheWimbley12 says:

This is how you bring back the rule of law by binding all public servant to
the words in their book. The Constitution is like a Genie’s lamp if you
know how to rub it the right way you will find out quick that going to
court is more fun than six flags and you want to go on all the rides twice.
If you want to learn your Constitution and how to enforce your rights then.
Check out Constitution Man Carl Miller he is like the Yoda of the
Constitution in the States. Just simple check his track record!

TheWimbley12 says:

be granted. Take these few court case read them and make a proper legal
argument, and if the judge wants the be an ahole and not let you make your
claim then simply take that argument and put it in a motion to dismiss (a
template of which you can find online) get it notarized by a notary public
and make it a public document and file one in the court and serve the city
prosecutor with one and see how quick they change their tune. Read the
Federalist Papers (Unabridged Edition)

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