Darrell Issa: White House Is Lying. Rogue Irs Agents ‘Directly Being Ordered From Washington’

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WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service agents who inappropriately targeted conservative groups had been following orders from the Obama administration, H…


TheStoneAlexander says:

Nice try libturd.

fatouche99 says:

I’ve been blocked by more conservatives than I can count. They’re cowards who have contempt for free speech. Surprising, considering how often they put the word “freedom” in everything. You can’t talk to a conservative anymore because they’re always right. Never wrong. Ever. It’s impossible for a conservative to be wrong..about anything, ever. Even if they’ve never been to Europe, they know how bad socialism is. They know how much the Canadians and French really secretly hate their healthcare.

fatouche99 says:

Most of Issa’s donations came from west coast defense contractors.

andrew cattaneo says:

Issa is a criminal. He’s dirtier than anything the current administration has done.

fatouche99 says:

This is a giant Obama Administration conspiracy that goes all the way to the top, but Abu Ghraib was just a few rogue soldiers. Right…

tellitlikeiseeit dontbesensitive says:

I bet more veterans hate morons like you speaking for them….

tellitlikeiseeit dontbesensitive says:

I would say that your opinion is less popular than reality….

tellitlikeiseeit dontbesensitive says:

ya sounds like a real good life to me sit around and talk shit sounds to me like you ought to get back to you occupy wallstreet camp before someone steels your back pack full of bathsalts

Phillip Patterson says:

What I like about Darrell Issa is that I can show my 12 year old American Government students video of him calling everyone criminals or liars. This will instill a belief in good government and the ability to be polite and compromise in these young people. Oh wait, they do not watch this crap and he doesn’t give a shit what 12 year old’s think anyway. He has to pander to a specific audience.

Tater Tot says:

How did this get “too many negative votes”???

Too many Republicans in this Comments Section, censoring out and cussing out anyone that disagrees.


TKDMike58 says:


TKDMike58 says:

Awww you KNOW someone how KNOWS a VET….how cute….and YOU ARE NOT A VET….you DO NOT KNOW. You are not a vet because you are a COWARD and a PUSSY….I go to the VA alot and all we do is sit around in the waiting room talking about what DOUCHGEBAGS the GOP are….. get back in your trailer JETHRO

VenetianSymbol says:

you’re so mean… lol!!!

VenetianSymbol says:

you can put the whole thing in your mouth, lol!!

ilovety65 says:

not as many who dislike this admin.My aunt works in the VA.Enjoy your Ocare ,trainwreck is putting it lightly.and DON’t take the medicade /care.If you want to pass your home on to your kids, it won’t happen.The gov gets it.They run a tab on your bills,and get your estate.Bad news for lower income seniors.

ilovety65 says:

contact him via oversightandreform yt channel or .org

ElCangri137 says:

This fat bitch is a liberal hack. She exposed herself during the Romney/Obama debates when she tried to help defend Obama when called out by Mitt. Smh

Rick Cain says:

Wow the IRS is investigating groups who don’t want to pay taxes.

Thats like cops investigating….criminals.

TKDMike58 says:

I know the TRUTH stings a bit sometimes, and since you are a complete loser when you hear someone say it that can cause you to feel bad……remember – look in the mirror….that is as good as you will ever be…..wowow that is sad….Man I hate LOW IQ GOP DOUCHEBAGS like you. NOW GET BACK IN YOUR TRAILER JETHRO

Irie Jigga says:

What is wrong with this bitch?, she can’t seems to grasp the concept that the White House lied (not a strange event) and are ultimately responsible for this act of treason. Oh! she works for cnn.

TheQuasiiii says:

What you are is a treasonist bastard

TheQuasiiii says:

Isn’t it obvious to all Americans and the world that have a reasonable ability to think that this IRS business is a waste of tax payers money. The only thing to gain in this fraudulent man hunt is somehow the stupid party thinks it will save them from themselves, but the bottom line is no one likes a liar. Doesnt the Republitard House have better things to do other than chasing ghost and wrongfully accusing Obama. The only paid liar is Issa

HoneySiegalSurvivor says:

@DarrellIssa, You should be in receipt of the fraudulent estate of Honey R Siegal deceased documents in Cinncinnati, Ohio. This is the huge. I AM the one person who has the truth behind the massive corruption tied to Obama.
Talk about being disenfranchised. I am NOT deceased. My funds R being used for unprecedented fraud globally as well as the IRS linked to the 911 attacks.
Honey R Siegal (Trustor of Bank of America, aka Honey R Stober)

klrdotorg says:

25 minutes after you posted this crap — you sent me a personal message and posted on my channel? Really? Is this how you obsess — since you don’t have Keith Olbermann to jack off to anymore?

robertmike57 says:

Darrell Issa is completely changing what he has been told. There, attacking the message, you fucking degenerate filth teabaggers can go suck it, hell, there’s been no allegations of law breaking, no one was unlawfully denied a tax exemption from this extra scrutiny, which means you don’t have shit even if Obama was sitting in the Cincinnati office for a week telling everyone what to do.

TKDMike58 says:

Awww did the TRUTH hurt your PUSSY COWARD GOP feelings??? You a coward and NEVER served your country…..VETERANS HATE THE PUSSY GOP.

klrdotorg says:

Strong argument, Sonny. Ignore corruption and point your finger at the other side. You assholes are shameless hypocrites.

klrdotorg says:

Why do Libtards think it’s a valid point to smear the messenger? That tactic works on your tiny brains … but the rest of us are on to you idiots.

KrtNeo says:

How? By trying to enforce the law or find out who is responsible for this crime? You bash Issa only because he is a Republican. Do you not think targeting patriot and tea-party originations is wrong? Or that enforcement of the law is necessary? You have a clouded view of reality. Stop drinking the koolaid.

garyroxene says:

Hey Sonny S:
I would agree that the 2 party system is a joke until you claim ownership of a side! Who then becomes the hypocrite? You! The incrementalism that is derived from liberal ideology kills the very impetus for both accounting and accountability and then the rule of law by libs like YOU! By admission that you think these are minuscule nothings, you tip your hand as one who cannot even see evil ESPECIALLY an evil defined by the constitution.

TKDMike58 says:

Darrell Issa an IDIOT, what a terrible human being

Zalahblue says:


MrAlecaf says:

les youre a retard republican… fuck you

HomleandSecurity says:

That is why we need only the Republican Party. The democrat party is actively trying to ruin these here United States of America. We need to start with impeachment and then elect an American President who will be loyal to Reagan, Jesus, the Second Amendment and the people of these here United States of America.

Sonny S says:

This is such a joke. With all of the scandals that have gone in recent years for the GOP to be digging their teeth into any of these lesser scandals seems so hypocritical at this point. It’s all political. These investigations are political. Everything in DC these days is beyond partisan. THe whole 2 party system is a joke at this point

Jon Williems says:

Where can I find clips of that?

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