CROSSHAIRS: The Internal Revenue Scandal [FULL MOVIE]

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“Make them cry… You’re not out there to take any prisoners… Enforce collection until they come to their knees.” — Instructions given at a 1996 IRS train…


Toxic Reverend says:

*CROSSHAIRS: The Internal Revenue Scandal*
The entire movie { 52 minutes }
Posted January 21, 2014

In my opinion and not in the movie :>

*Fix the IRS by redirecting the Banksters Federal Reserve Bank { aka The
Fountain of Evil } with “The NEED Act*
*H.R.2990 — National Emergency Employment Defense Act*
The Needs Act legislation for “fixing” *the Federal Reserve Bank { aka The
Fountain of Evil }* was in the legislator and is now “hidden” and “buried”
in some committee. It is described by it’s author, Ex-Congressman Dennis
Kucinich in this three minute video

GT90ford says:

AT 1:44 is when Lois Lerner lost her right to assert the 5th, you cannot
make a defensive statement then claim your rights.

Jeanette Foresta says:

You have to see this!

Elenita says:

About 5 years ago I was approached by soemone opening a new gallery in Philadelphia. The little voice in my head was saying “don’t” but my desire to exhibit and have gallery representation won out. At issue was pricing, but in general I had a growing discomfort with the owner. He wanted to list works at a discounted price. I explained discounts were acceptable to me if needed to negotiate a sale, but that he could not initially offer works below my stated prices. They’re my market value, collectors had paid those prices, and at the time another gallery had work on consignment at those prices. I thought we had negotiated an agreement–our solution was for me to send him small works which would be in the price range he was looking for. And so, I shipped the work. While it was in transit I visited the gallery’s website–there my images online, but at discounted prices. I decided to listen to my inner voice and quell my growing unease. I told the dealer to pull my work off the site and not to open the shipment that was due to arrive the next day. I did a round trip via train to Philly and lugged my work back home–good thing it was just small pieces! For a time I was ambivalent about my decision, however after not too long an artist who did exhibit with this gallery and had work on consignment with it, contacted me to ask what my experiences with it had been. It seems it had closed, not returned works to artists and the owner could not be found. I regret that I didn’t trust my intuition right away–it would have saved the time and expense traveling to Philly. I’m relieved that ultimately I did, “rescuing” my work.I guess sometimes you just have to trust your gut.

Gary Franchi says:
Dave Washington I Am says:

Liked it…thanks

Chris Garrett says:

I’m really glad this was more about the IRS in general, than just a focus
on the current IRS scandal. Thoroughly enjoy this.

paddlingfan1 says:

Well Done! If this doesn’t make you question everything about what we were
taught in school about how we live under a Government that is”By The People
and For The People” nothing will. This country has no chance of recovering
from the criminal interests that have destroyed America and the
Constitution. The idea of Liberty is LONG GONE!

Joseph La says:

wait a second , she worked for the Justice Department , the ELECTION”S ????
Department isn’t the Ohio Primary’s the first of Key Primary’s during
Election Years ??? , it gets worse with every stone unturned

Tim Johnson says:

What is the the name of the music between 0:00 and 0:12? Thanks.

Dave Washington I Am says:

You may have time to watch and comment about my recent YouTube video
called: Water SVD-must it always be this way?
Appreciated….BBG however

John Cothes says:
Elmer Fudd says:

Republican VS Democrat. Meanwhile the Illuminati steals the country blind.
Hey FOX watchers…..WAKE UP!!!

Can says:

I’ve turned down a few shows with coremmcial gallery dealers because they expected that I pay for framing. In one case with a NYC gallery, they “paid” for my framing for a show with them by buying eight or ten smaller drawings that had gotten water damaged while in their care. I only accepted this agreement because the show was scheduled to go up in three weeks. . . but they only offered this option after I flatly told them I would go ahead and pin the drawings to the wall if I was expected to pay for framing. The experience definitely left a sour taste in my mouth and I did little to maintain the relationship with the gallery after the exhibition. (Nothing from that exhibition sold and only months later, when all of the work was back in my studio, were they able to move a large drawing. I found out several years later that the sale was brought about my a fellow artist getting my work in front of a collector and the gallery had little to do with the sale but still took their 50% commission. I’d have rather had the gallery split the commission with the fellow artist, you know?)(In addition, the gallery in question refused to agree to the 20/30 split with my primary gallery in a large, midwestern city–and my primary gallery had set up the meetings and studio visits with NYC gallery, stating that my primary gallery “wasn’t in a position” to ask for that split. Very classy.)Anyway, back to my main point. Most recently, I turned down a exhibition opportunity in the south because the dealer wanted me to pay for framing and shipping to (but not from) the gallery. Unquestioningly, I own all of the expenses of being an artist–the costs of studio rent, supplies, insurance, self-promotion and all of the endless unpaid hours of studio time–but when it comes to coremmcial galleries, my costs stop when the work goes out the door. If the gallery doesn’t put a little investment into the work up front, what is their motivation to sell the work? Yes, I know things are very tight for many galleries but I also understand they have multiple revenue streams (a stable of other, supposedly salable artists, art fairs, etc.) where as artist generally have one revenue stream (their day jobs) plus whatever else trickles in from sales.Joanne, artists and dealers: do you agree or disagree with me? Am I being unrealistic? What do you think?

Adebisi says:

P.S. This is clearly a case of men are from Mars .Women who see this piructe, see love and innocence. Men apparently see deception, voyeuristic (word?) glances, pre fight stares, and attempted theft. You clowns!!!! I think you protest too much, when actually, you are all softies when it comes to affairs of the heart!!!

Bunga says:

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Michael Chernik says:

I don’t know if Stack, the man who flew his plane into the IRS building had
a CPA, but he had a plane and several businesses, Pho–the guy who slit his
wrists with a history of mental illness should have been edited out of this
documentary. The stench that comes out of the current administration is the
flip side of the previous administration or the strangulation of all sides
to keep us in line-therefore a fascist nation. 

ataurus62 says:

IRS=Domestic financial terrorism

UnitedCorpOfAmerica says:

Criminal IRS Criminal White House

Jan says:

I want to see that some day. It’s a great shot.I must be either brave or sptiud to throw my amateurish photos in here with the big dogs. I’m thinking of taking your next eclass if I can work it out.

UnitedCorpOfAmerica says:


Hitler took on much of the same political characteristics. Don’t let them
disarm you!

Ken Seabury says:

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their
own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”
-James Madison

Having a working knowledge of our Federal tax laws means being aware of the
Congressional limitations that were placed on IRS authority. Visiting
losthorizons(dot)com will arm Americans with that knowledge.

Ken Seabury says:

Pay a visit to losthorizons(dot)com and see what happens when upstanding
American men and women stand upon the authority of OUR Federal tax laws and
turn the tables on the IRS!

Akshat says:

Don’t be silly, there’s NO judgement here. If you are manikg photos you love and challenging yourself, that’s the greatest measure you should be working with. Happy shooting and thanks for sharing!!

Jennifer says:

I’m sure Carlo would agree 110% with your observation with Joe. The Europeans seem to live a more raeexld (2 hour lunch) lifestyle than we Americans. A little red wine, sausage and cheese and sit in the park, watch the world go by. I think the average American would have a tough time adjusting to that lifestyle . Let’s try it anyway, what the heck!!

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