Creative Accountants

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Funny Creative Accountants TV Commercial


Eric Bonnevile says:

Oh this is SO Boyce.  Dumb as a door handle.

MrGiggity890 says:

@svtuition its a joke ya goofball….

MrGiggity890 says:

@vivalabag definitely sounds like it….haha

Bill McBirnie says:


metallavery says:

@vivalabag WOW are yo stupid?

Vedant Pandey says:

Rule the tube 2010 – CAuse you CA
Paste and watch this video, you will want to become an accountant

Douglas Carkuff says:

Anybody who works for a big corporations is subjected to this kind of business speak horseshit on a daily basis. And what's sickening is that the people who learn and adopt the lingo are the one's who move up. Sorry, I have to go and utilize some cross functional synergy.

JumpinJesuits says:

it would be if it had 5 "um"s and "uh"s interspersed throughout. the guy is not even a great speaker if he has to rely on verbal crutches.

Curt Howland says:

That is exactly what I was thinking!

These sounds EXACTLY like Bernenke and Greenspan, while their lapdog press laps it up and cheers them on.

flameblitz says:

the sad truth is that… this kind stuff actually happens in real life…

Sunrise says:

those two guys are just gay…

Sled Dog says:

dude I just saw this on tv, hilarious yo;

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