CRA scammer – hilarious – epic – 2015

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This is from a few days ago. I have edited out my name for obvious reasons. Also edited some wait times between call transfers to various ‘agents’. I trolled the fake scammers for a nice long ride. Notice the various accents, intimidation, threats, fluency of the ‘agents’ supposedly representing ‘Revenue Canada’. They obviously are not. It does NOT END well so please be warned…those not used to hearing hearty Hindi expletives should avoid this if possible. Enjoy, do share, like & subscribe. I have another 40 minute call from a year ago…much more hilarious than this one…believe you me. Will share that asap. Cheers!


ILikeYou ForSure says:

shivering like a cat 😀 ahahahah I like when people prank assholes scammers like these

Craig Oldenburg says:

sorry Canada revenue does not call mail only

IRS I reck scammers says:

Shivering like a cat, lol

stacyboudreau123 says:

These dirty heartless rotten scamming lowlife scumbags will one day be serving severe federal prison time. Their day is coming. Hopefully much sooner than later. There's also a very special place in hell for them. I've received threatening messages from them trashy lowlifes. I just laughed at them, deleted them then then went on to do things. They called one day when I was home, I answered they gave me a false name and said that if I didn't comply that a case will be build against me & I be arrested. I said keep on bribing and making threats they're just making me laugh I always enjoy a good laugh. They said I'm serious. I said scam artist you're not serious. You'll never ever get my personal info or my banking info. Any you can also forget about a check also He started to get extremely agitated cause he was getting nothing from me. He starts making more threats. I just laughed and hung up. Then put his number on my caller block list and never called back, and the cops never did came banging on the door, ha ha. Just laugh at them, that's what really makes the dirty bastards really really mad cause by you laughing it obviously tells them that they're unable to scam you which really irritates them.Then hang up and block them from calling. Their time wasters. Not worth it.

Venusius says:

LMAO! Trolling the scammers!

Michelle Crane says:

Walter Obrian lol must be from the TV show Scorpion

born sceptic says:

I have been getting this scam for the last month. now I have a name, Ryan Smith. He sure seems to have a lot of direct personal numbers judging by other recordings I see here. Yes, east indian accent is a bit of a tip off. Intimidation tactic also but don't think all scammers will have the give away accent.
My niece is a very clever charming con artist and recreational liar who is busy stealing from anyone naive enough to fall for her lines. In her books there are no innocent people, just stupid foolish ones. scruples are for suckers. honesty is for idiots. If you're smart enough to get others to give you what you want then you win. It's a fun lucrative game to her.
these guys are the same.

Suzanne Delorme says:

Last night, I had a message on my answering machine from Ryan Smith (sounded East-Indian) of Revenue Canada about my income tax file or something… The number I am supposed to call back to is 888-231-5516

KiLLA CAiN (DEMG) says:

that guy called today… called back n no one speaks English..

Luis Barreiros says:

they clame to be from CRA but when you speak French they cant help you thats how you know it's fake

Piontro Pechetrini says:

The second guy tries too hard but, not to avail. He has a Thick Indian accent.

Piontro Pechetrini says:

It doesn't matter how they use English sounding names, their accents always betrayed them.

try tryh says:

Damn, they called me but i didn't bother to answer, I missed my opportunity D;

toufiq121 says:

"gravity is some 14.7 or something" LMFAOOOOOOOO

Kaz C says:

I wish they'd call me. I'd love to have a go at these creeps.

tinalupan says:

This must be due to too much CURRY and the smell stinks to high heaven LOL.

EvenReporting says:

officer Jason Spezza! I guess he retired from the NHL!

Utopia says:

These people called me yesterday!

Jennifer Pocock says:

Fun Fact….according to "Fucktard" here, Paramedics suddenly have the ability to arrest you for a "Tax crime"…..Thank god this isn't real, and you dont have heart problems….Although, I'd be curious to know if anyone has actually had a heart attack or other medical emergency while on the phone with these guys and then been too afraid to call an ambulance resulting in injury or death….is fucking ridiculous..

mightysun89 says:

were you saying something in their language.

Piontro Pechetrini says:

That is funny an Indian with an Irish last name O'Brian, but the thick Indian accent still stick. Hahahahaha.

Heinzy says:

They are currently going through New Brunswick right now, hopefully our citizens are well informed.

KillerMindawg says:

You're awesome man.

Kishnabe PSVita says:

LOL they just called me today….but they told me to plt the number down.


Mark Gallant says:

this is rcmp officer from alberta.. this call is coming from chaina.

mikey1978416 says:

always the generic western names. They've called me recently. Officer John Parker

Skeptic knowledge says:

Awesome, I am laughing so hard!

Piontro Pechetrini says:

And Indian trying to Scam another Indian. is like trying to steal from a thief. Indians love money above everything, they even sell their own mothers for a profit.

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