CRA Scam String Along Conversation Ending With An Air Horn Blast

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This is a video clip of me returning a SECOND message that was left on my home voice mail on May 13, 2015. I knew it was a scam after doing a background check on the phone # that called me, along with the original FIRST message that was left earlier in the day.

Sure enough, it was an extortion scam from a fake Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) agent claiming to be from the Ottawa/Kingston, Ontario, Canada area. This person was looking to speak to my wife but I acted as the “gatekeeper” in this conversation.

To make a long story short, he stated that his name was “Officer Miller” (he had a very strong East Indian Accent and the name Miller obviously is not a Punjabi name LOL) and that my wife was to call him immediately due to errors on several years of past income tax returns. Get this, he followed up that by saying that an arrest warrant was issued for her! During this second conversation I had with him, I strung him along enough to get his hopes up thinking that he has got my wife right where he wants her. Then I let him have it with an air horn and then say a few choice profanities only because he scared my wife very badly at first.

After this conversation, I called back a total of five times, three times this jerk Officer Miller actually picks up the phone again, and each time I got him with the air horn because (since I had some free time on my hands today) I wanted him to get a taste of his own medicine.

In fact, I encourage everyone who watches this video, preferably those who have unlimited long distance calling plans, to give the following phone # a call which is 613-699-5598 and have some fun with him. When calling this number, they may not pick up the phone. BE PERSISTENT! They will eventually answer the phone! DON’T GIVE UP! The phone # that comes up on the caller ID is 1-800-267-6999. However, DO NOT CALL THIS 800 NUMBER! That number is the number to get a hold of the REAL Canada Revenue Agency. The operation of this scam is so sophisticated that they “SPOOF” the real CRA toll free number to make you think you are getting a call from the CRA assuming that the person being called is familiar with this number. Therefore, the only number you should call is the 613-699-5598 number. If the person that picks up the phone, and talks with a heavy middle-eastern or east-Indian accent, identifies himself as “Officer XXXXXXX” and/or an opening greeting saying “Canada Revenue Agency”, AND SAYS THERE’S A WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST, then you most likely got the right number to the scam artists and you can have fun with them. However, proceed with caution and make sure yourself that, beyond a reasonable doubt, you do have the scam artists on the phone. Also, when dialing, enter *67 to block your caller ID! You want to avoid the scam artist playing telephone tag with you! Very important to do this! IF AT ANYTIME HE ASKS FOR YOUR SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER, OF COURSE, DO NOT GIVE THIS INFORMATION OUT! JUST STALL HIM! Say to him that you got a voice mail message stating that there were issues with your past Income Tax Returns and that there is an impending arrest warrant for failing to address this issue. If the scam artist confirms that with you, then with 100% certainty it is the scam artist you are speaking with. If the person states anything contrary to this, get out of the phone call right away! Once you are certain you are talking to a scam artist, then troll him around and waste his time a bit and then use an air horn, whistle, etc. that would startle him so much that he would not need to drink coffee for a month! LOL!

LEGAL STATEMENT #1: The reason why I am explaining how to proceed with this is because the fake operation could change phone #’s and someone with no ties to this operation could get this number assigned to him/her by the telcomm company and you do not want to inadvertently make a prank call against an innocent person who could have you criminally charged. In other words, proceed with caution and look for the signs mentioned above. But for all intents and purposes, I am not going to be held legally responsible for anyone who calls this number, with the intent to perform a prank on the scam artists to waste their time, and it turns out to be a wrong number (or scam artists changed their number and that number belongs to someone else) and gets him/herself into trouble with the law.

Low life’s like this jerk deserve a taste of their own medicine considering he and others like him seem to have nothing better to do than be criminals and try to rip off people who work hard in an honest day’s job.

LEGAL STATEMENT #2: I wish to state that the Jerky Boy imagery used in this video clip is a registered trademark and I have no affiliation with the Jerky Boys whatsoever in any way, shape, or form other than that I am a huge fan of the Jerky Boys.


mark13hazard says:

I want a piece of this bastard scam artist

Pirathepan Kamalanathan says:

Great idea lol. I just got a CRA Fake call from 613 927 9666. Did not CRA scams….usually it the IRA in America. I guess they recently transferred over here. I like messing with 419scammers…..some new players to scambait.

Air Horn sounds like a good investment.

Piontro Pechetrini says:

GOOOOOOOODDDD I love your video LOL that Indian probably pooped his pants.

mikey1978416 says:

I got 2 calls on Thursday. The name was officer John Parker. 819 410 7771

Lena Bröderbauer says:

I didn't get the same scam call, but the one I got I also ended with the sound of extremely loud air horns, only like 2 times overmodulated.

Daniel Velasco says:

This scammer is asshole.

Snows Winter says:

Called me today twice. The second time I told them off REAL good. I think they're philipino. Assholes

Asif Raza says:

he called me this morning and I went police station and repot  it    —-613-699-5598

Ingrid Turner says:

I received a similar call on July 14, 2015m and when they called, I wasn't in, but the message on my machine was as follows:  "This is the CRA division of Revenue Canada calling the person at this phone number.  We have issued a warrant against you,  as you have not settled the tax matters and funds are owing to Revenue Canada.  A lien will be placed against your property and, bank accounts or other assets,  An agent  will be contacting you to go over the forms .  Contact us at 1 888 980 6322,."    I was so upset when I received that message.  I tried to return the phone call and it will not ring through so I presume it is  no longer in service.  Beware – I believe they were going to offer me a deal to pay them at some presumably reduced dollar amount on a  non existent tax debt.  What sounded odd to me was that they didn;t mention my name.  If there was a legitimate problem,  I know I would have received loads of notices  saying that I owe Revenue Canada money.  Obviously, I havent received any such notices.  Being an elderly person, such matters would scare me..  Should I be reporting this to the police or Revenue Canada?

Alison Downer says:

I LOVE THIS!  This jerk called my WORK line yesterday and threatened me.

Brian Vincent says:

Hello Everyone! There is a new updated number for you to call these FAKE Canada Revenue Agency scammers and have fun with them with air horns, loud whistles, and the whole 9 yards – anything you can think of. Remember to follow my suggestions in the description of the video mentioned above! The phone # is (613) 699-5598.

Gordon Smith (Creeperinblack) says:

That escalated quickly xp

Pat Mcgrion says:

I got the exact same call. It was obvious from the start that it was a scam. I wanted to mess with them in true Jerky Boys fashion as well. Unfortunately the phone number was no longer in service. Wasn't sure to be Frank Rizzo or Sol Rosenburg.

Louis Hébert says:

Dear God man that was the most drawn out and boring prank call ever. It felt like I was watching the fat batman from the Dark Knight IRL edition. 

somedudeguytv says:

Ahh the famous IRS scam comes up north as the CRA scam. I took one of those scammers on a hilarious hell ride through for almost a whole hour.

Darcy S says:

Just curious what phone number came up on your phone.  I'd love to have a go at these clowns.

Final Hour301 says:

Great job, a bit over kill with the air horn but i can't say i wouldn't have done the same if it was my wife threatened

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