CRA SCAM Robocall From “Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)” (613)655-9943.

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Here is a recording of a message that was left on my answering machine. The call came from this number (613)655-9943.
“…from last few days regarding case file. There is a lawsuit that’s filing against you from Canada Revenue Agency and warrant has been issued. To get more information about this case file please call us now on 613-655-9943. I repeat, 613-655-9943. Thank you and God bless you.”

Beware of telephone and email scams

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) warns all taxpayers to beware of telephone calls or emails that claim to be from the CRA but are not. These are phishing and other fraudulent scams that could result in identity and financial theft.

People should be especially aware of phishing scams asking for information such as credit card, bank account, and passport numbers. The CRA would never ask for this type information. Some of these scams ask for this personal information directly, and others refer the taxpayer to a Web site resembling the CRA’s, where the person is asked to verify their identity by entering personal information. Taxpayers should not click on links included in these emails. Email scams may also contain embedded malicious software that can harm your computer and put your personal information at risk.

Examples of recent telephone scams involve threatening or coercive language to scare individuals into pre-paying fictitious debt to the CRA. These calls should be ignored and reported to the RCMP (see contact information below).

Examples of recent email scams include notifications to taxpayers that they are entitled to a refund of a specific amount, or informing taxpayers that their tax assessment has been verified and they are eligible to receive a tax refund. These emails often have CRA logos or internet links that appear official. Some contain obvious grammar or spelling mistakes.

These types of communication are not from the CRA. If the CRA does contact you by telephone, there are established processes in place to ensure your personal information is protected. Should you wish to verify the authenticity of a CRA telephone number, contact the CRA directly by using the numbers on our Telephone numbers page. For business-related calls, contact 1-800-959-5525 and for individual concerns, contact 1-800-959-8281.

To better equip taxpayers to identify possible scams, the following guidelines should be used:

The CRA:

NEVER requests information from a taxpayer about a passport, health card, or driver’s license.
NEVER divulges taxpayer information to another person unless formal authorization is provided by the taxpayer.
NEVER leaves any personal information on an answering machine or asks taxpayers to leave a message with their personal information on an answering machine.


DaButterLord says:

I just got a call from the same number. Thanks for posting.

crayonplane says:

People seem to think they are in India, and much like the 419 scams established to be operating in Nigeria and to some extent Ghana, this too is likely a billion dollar 'enterprise' that was allowed to flourish, despite all the cyber crime partnerships, international and otherwise, people payed towards.

To the people of Nigeria, and India, I say take a close look at a portion of your new future Government, because if you think the ringleaders of these 'enterprises' do not comprise the new 'noveau riche elite' & won't be entering in or have not already, think again. Hopefully, they will influence improvements, but I think not.

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