CRA phone scam

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Scam artists are preying on one of our biggest fears–getting into trouble with the tax man.

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A few hours ago a scammer tried to scam my mom they said that she has to pay taxes a lot since 2010 to 2014 which is $3798 dollars or else the cops will pick him up then my mom thought the caller was suspicious because my mom left the philipines on 2011 not 2010 and CRA would never threaten or say bad language to people so then she looked up things on the website and found things that scammers will say. Seriously I'm not joking

BigD says:

I don't think the Canadian people are dumb.  IF these people get $10,000 a day and I don't think they do, it is probably from elderly people with dementia.  Don't these scammers have any conscience at all?

bfjb70 says:

That little shitstain is boasting about taking $10,000 per year out of a country with 35 million phone numbers, and calls US not-so-smart fools? That's hilarious.

jingle jazz says:

I had an elderly friend 87 years old fall for this scam, she went to Western Union at a Walmart in Red Deer and wired $1300.00, afterwards she thought better of it, called the RCMP, they told her to get her money back, turns out the Walmart employee filled out the form for her, spelled the receivers name wrong, so money wasn't released, she got her $1300.00 back, I went to Walmart asked why the employee's didn't pick up that the money was being sent to Dominican Republic for a CRA payment, manager says employee's only get an hours worth of fraud training from Western Union! Cheaper is not always the best.

dfyfe43 says:

Here's a way to figure them out. If they are a paki, just hang up.

Sabrina Hill says:

As someone that worked for Rev Can, when someone tried to pull this scam on me, I made them for a scam immediately. They didn't know basic terms that all officers and CRs would know. Didn't know what the income or excise tax acts were and didn't know basic Canadian geography.

Matthew Walsh says:

I got a Cra phone scam today. It was just a message on my answering machine. I knew it was a scam because I was told about it.

Celsus Trueword says:

CRA are ruthless. Not an ounce of compassion, regardless of circumstance. Better to report the caller to the police, especially if you have the phone number and a recording of the interaction.

The National says:

CRA phone scam uses fear of the tax man to get your money.

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