#CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) #FRAUD ALERT!

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Heads up folks…THE CRA will never call threatening you with jail time etc. I did go to the CRA site but they don’t make it easy to report at all. There are a bunch of loopholes they want you jumping through just to report.

This is the second time these Fraudsters have called each with a different number. So BE on the LOOKOUT! I tried to keep them on the phone as long as possible to see what information I could get.

Anyway maybe someone will see this and do something about it. Can’t imagine how many people they’ve done this to and how many gave them money etc.

Keep Yourself Up To Date with all the fraud cases that the CRA knows of by following the link below.



Amber Crystal says:

Lmfaooooo did he say slap you on your ass! Hahahahahaha

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