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From season 3, episode 20 – “Digital Estate Planning”. In my personal opinion – the funniest and craziest part of the entire episode. Or, in Troy’s words: “W…


ap3705 says:

I wish they made this to a real game xD IDE buy that for a 1$

Manintoga says:

The scenes that hint at the immense depth and complexity of the game really
make you imagine an army of Chinese coders developing that damn thing with
an unlimited budget for a decade.

anyseense says:


Brian U says:

Love how even the blacksmith’s wife has a handlebar mustache

Deric Kennedy says:

Oh god, I can’t stop laughing!

SonicStantz says:

I never noticed until now that the Blacksmith’s wife has a moustache to.

MrGetthefuckup says:

The best episode of anything ever

Kevin A says:

avaTari aragoni, read description : season 3 episode 20.
And if you want to try the game (made by fans), search “project hawkthorne”
on google, you can download the latest beta version, which is still
regularly updated. The team is currently working on Blacksmith’s death, so
you should be pleased to try it soon ;-)

SonicStantz says:

Racism aside, I wish this game was real SO MUCH.

charlie magne martinez says:


lilahtov says:

“Don’t give me that look those are your loose ends i’m just tying them up”
hahahha. I love it when Shirley unleaseshes her evil side.

Antichrist2000 says:

No that’s Abed’s voice.

mustang6172 says:

1:13 Troy’s voice says, “Is that hut on fire?” but Abed’s lips are moving.

avaTari aragoni says:

whats dat game named ? and 2nd then name of the episode ?

ohthreefiftyone says:

No kidding? Thanks, friend. I’ll look for it.

SmashLiXs says:

abed is awesome much later here

mustang6172 says:

You can download a fan made version of it, but it’s not complete.

BehindTheVideoGames says:

“I buy and sell weapons and armor” funniest part of the whole show lol

Alexiacc19 says:

Actually, it is real now. They are still finishing creating it, but you can
start playing it. It’s very similar to what they show in this episode.

Lyedel says:

Did anyone notice that the Blacksmith’s Wife also got moustaches? LOL

Whahah28 says:

search for project hawkthorne

Blackan says:

if you listen carefully the Blacksmith’s Wife sounds like the Turrets from
Portal O:

Rome Hill says:

the blacksmith looks like he isnt wearing pants …

Maliky16 says:

this is one of my favorite episodes from the show

reifsneider says:

this was probably one of if not the funniest annie scene in all of community

SmileyRoya says:

“What kind of game IS THIS?”

ohthreefiftyone says:

I wish this game were real.

Butts says:

Oh my, what an unexplained tragedy.

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