Common Mistakes in QuickBooks Online (QBO) and How to Fix Them

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Unfortunately, many people make mistakes in QuickBooks Online. Learn about some of the most common mistakes and how to fix them. We will cover list errors (chart of accounts, customers, vendors and the products/services list) and how to clean up lists. Plus we discuss other errors including common problems with downloaded transactions:
–duplicate entries
–add vs. match bank transactions
–how to undo things
and more.


Pamela Brown says:

How do we void a check without it posting in a prior period and changing a prior month's numbers?

Kalinasho Jonas says:

how do i unmarked a invoices that is marked as paid but it is not.please do email me the instructions,

jasffer rivera says:

You cannot input quantity and rate for entering bills. for Example I bought items in one invoice but with different quantities. How will you enter that? considering those items are not for sale or not a product/service.

Amanda Montecinos says:

I don't have teh accountant tool

IAmForeverGlamorouz says:

Hello Michelle,
Thank you so much for this webinar. I was wondering if you have a video that goes into more detail about fixing errors with undeposited funds in Quickbooks Online.

Deborah Farmanian says:

Can you move a vendor to an employee status?  If so, how do you edit?

Rusty Chan says:

Thanks for the webinar! Quick feedback on the volume of the video, it's really low.

Mac Duncan says:

Great webinar!  Wish I would have been able to get the CEUs!  Helped a lot!

Elina Pongracz says:

what about problems when you use MAC?

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