Common Look And Feel (CLF 2.0) – New Look at Canada Revenue Agency

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Changes to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Web site

Important changes will be made to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Web site on September 11, 2007, as the CRA implements Common Look and Feel (CLF) 2.0.

The CLF standards are issued to keep up with modern Internet practices. They are established by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat to promote a uniform and predictable appearance of government sites and their content. Version 2.0 must be implemented by December 31, 2008.

The CRA will implement CLF 2.0 in two phases:

· In the first phase from September 11 to 30, new visual requirements will be applied to the CRA Web site and the home page format. More than 64,000 Web pages need to be converted. During this period, you may notice differences in visual appearance from one page to another.

· The second phase will begin in March 2008 and will consist of restructuring information and reorganizing site navigation.

The first phase of CLF 2.0 will feature:

· an improved, easier-to-read home page with only one navigation bar for increased user friendliness;
the new CRA visual identity and improvements in the way information is organized, to improve format and readability;

· a home page with three columns instead of two, and secondary pages with two columns.


Mike Gifford says:

New CRA theme looks good. Better than CLF 1.0 for sure. If you or others are interested in discussing the CLF 2.0 framework we’ve set up the following:

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