Colin Dodds – Debit Credit Theory (Accounting Rap Song)

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Educational rap for a high school accounting course Get it on iTunes: Yo, yo, you wanna be an accountant? Think it over, It ain’t easy, you might need a four leaf clover. If you ain’t willing to work hard, then can it – It’s the most sought after job on this planet. Now, you tell me you wanna be an impartial judge of my solvency? Now, you tell me you wanna protect the world from corporate fraudulency? Now, all that sounds like fun, son, but you gotta walk before you can run. To know what these numbers mean you gotta know the debit credit theory! Debits on the left, credits on the right, Debit left! Credit right! Debit left! Credit right! For complete satisfaction, Balance all of your transactions. So, if you really wanna know, ’bout your cash flow, where your money go? Then give in to the temptation, Understand the fundamental accounting equation. An asset increasing is a debit, An asset decreasing is a credit. The reverse is true for liabilities and equity, If you get this then you get accountancy! You ain’t born a high roller, gotta work your way up to controller. Video by: Mike Withers and Colin Dodds Song by: Colin Dodds Much thanks to: Mike Withers, Dave, Alex, Besh, Jonathan, Ryan, Sascha, Shannon


priyanka sheth says:

damnit it’s stuck in my head !!

Mikethespammer says:

Like the song… But my accounting teacher found it and now every lesson we have to listen to it, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

NuubsDawg says:

death stare at 0.47

Piperrful says:

This vid is awesome ty 🙂

Cam Matheny says:

Funny. I wish I had access to this video when I taught Principles of Accounting.

Sozdorferz IV says:

This is what accountants do after tax season 😛

battlebornmodsquad says:

I thought it would be:
Debits on the left, brag shit to death
Now Credits on the right, wild for the night
Punks in the back, c’mon and attract
Clan in the front, let your feet stomp

Kenya Morales says:

Hilarious!! Thanks for the video! S/O to all the accounting majors!

Dirteater91 says:

Seen this in class! LOL 😛

kaylene001 says:

my accounting teacher showed it to us ._.

MickHurrinson says:

A teacher showed this in a class, then I got in trouble for falling asleep in class.

Leonardo Po says:

is this how to get black people to learn stuff?

misspassiflora says:

positively ridiculous,…but it works!!! i got it, debits left credits right!

Erik Ramirez says:

I like it . . .

Kate M says:

Thanks for making this … It’s catchy and helps you learn it easily – which is why I passed

DmitriD147 says:

my business teacher showed me this ! I LOVE THIS SONG NOW! thank you MR Duggan 😉

moneycash1965 says:

Capitalist System In The Free World

moneycash1965 says:


burninghotice911 says:

My teacher is like if we don’t do our homework she’ll make us sing this song

k123456767 says:

@Amberleaf29 Haha me too in my class she told my friend if he could rap this she would bump his grade up since he was 1 percent off

Roger Cortes says:

Thanks for helping me understand, SON!

seb grzywna says:

r u in mr milnes accounting class

cnasir15 says:

The same here Accounting professor showed us in the class….

TC78obsessed says:

listening to this instead of studying for my final. 😀 lol

Rai Dinh says:

Same. O_O

Calista Robinson says:


MsMadFluffx says:

My business teacher told us this was soo annoyin then she showed us and we danced to it for our next teacher! it was soo funny! DEBIT TO THE LEFT, CREDIT TO THE RIGHT! god thanks 2 this i love business! XD

4070sam says:

this is awesome hahahah my accounting teacher danced this on assembly! 😀

mangobubbletea19898 says:

omg my buisness teacher, GO MR. DODDS >.< debt left credit right debt left credit right stuck in ma head 🙂 -J.I.

chri s rogers says:

my business teacher showed me this he’s pretty awesome bbut its over auto-tunedLOL he tells us he can’t sing

Mitchell McKiel says:

got this stuck in my head…

Kingpiggy10 says:


ChrisTurnerize says:

This is my Skills teacher. Weeeiirrd

Cleons Victory says:

Like if your teacher showed you this vid 😛

Eugene Hui says:

I feel like a hipster saying that Mr. Dodds showed this to my class when he was a student teacher in one of my classes.

ThunderBow98 says:

I saw this in my accounting class. We all loved it! Now it’s stuck in my head….. Debits to the left, credits to the right!

aungthurahein says:

I came here from BMTM.

ZeroTwoRazer says:

Mr. Liette shown me this. I’m in university and i refer to this song to remember which side is debit and credit LOL

kuromi714 says:

Really, Mr. Dodds..

hummurabi2010 says:

You guys dont know how much I love you!

rerenji says:

Hes my business teacher…

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