Coat Check Please! At least .. that’s what my wife said to me this morning

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Loose Receipts

It’s that time of year again .. to be sure that I can organize all my receipts .. as I do every year!

For 2006 … I finally sorted out the cash receipts into specific envelopes up to the end of September 2006 .. and, as you can tell – I’m not that current.

This is how I do that in the LAZIEST way possible: I have this black bin on top of my fridge, and every day I put the cash receipts, debit receipts and credit card receipts loosely into the tub. I have two of the smaller envelopes for each month (one for my wife’s receipts and the other for myself) .. and I just keep the receipts by month and they are all separated. At this point, I am just sorting them out – I am not attaching them to the actual bank statements or credit card statements, or taping up the cash receipts by category etc etc.

It looks like this at the moment:


Incoming Mail

Now, the last time I sorted all of my incoming mail was also in October, but it was only for mail and envelopes probably up to the end of summer, that being August 2006. I know when I started to receive and notice envelopes with September 2006 mail .. I just left it in this neat magazine sorter/holder. And, every day when I would would receive more mail, I would just take it and put it, again, in the neat magazine sorter/holder.

Of course, I opened some of them .. but most of the ones I did not. You see .. it’s a wonder how simple it is to just pay the regular creditors as you have the money .. and for the ones that you don’t pay – they phone you and tell you how much you owe, so you can then pay that! No need to open my mail, really! :p

Of course .. but after 2-1/2 months .. it looks like this:


Haha … Okay .. Guilty! My wife was right .. I had to do something about all this bulging mail over our coats .. otherwise it will just fall down off the shelf and onto the floor everywhere .. and we both know who’s NOT cleaning that up!

So I went to Walmart this morning!

$6.57 CDN .. I picked up a few of these .. what a bargain! Even the softer sleeved ones are almost $15.00 CDN .. this one is a plastic one, with a hard cover .. and does the exact same thing. I’m just going to sort out everything for 2006 into this BURGUNDY one .. shown below, and I’ll start a new one for 2007 in my NAVY BLUE one .. and try to keep it better organized. Really


Ultimately, it’s not about organizing everything so it’s not in the way, or neatly piled somewhere in the corner .. it’s all a matter of me finding the time to journalize and summarize everything and make sure I get all the deductions that I feel comfortable in taking, as part of my annual business income that I report on my income tax return. Usually .. it’s not when I get around to STARTING to sort it all out .. it’s a matter of when I FINISH sorting it all out… in most cases, June 15th .. before midnight and the filing deadline for self-employed individuals here in Canada


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