CNPM – Please Stop Spamming Me

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Investing in stock symbol CNPM? (now CNPM.PK on OTC Market) Today – it’s “last” shows it $6.00 .. what a joke!

* DO NOT INVEST From tips Received in your Email! (Do I have to say that?)

I’ve been getting quite a bit of spam lately, with the subjects like…

It’s Abby 🙂
It’s Abdul 🙂
It’s Ada 🙂
It’s Adrian 🙂
It’s Al 🙂
It’s Alex 🙂
It’s Alexandria 🙂

etc etc .. and other names … like:

Barbra, Benito, Bethany, Beverly, Carey, Carlos, Cassandra, Cesar, Charlie, Chuck, Claude, Cornelia, Curtis, Darcy, Dee, Della, Denis, Dino, Donald, Donnell, Earl, Eddie, Edmund, Edna, Edwin, Elias, Elijah, Emerson, Emmett, Eva, Faye, Flossie, Foster, Gale, Georgette, Gerardo, Hallie, Hank, Helene, Hollis, Horace, Hunter, Irwin, Isabel, Jackson, Jacquelyn, Jamall, Jamar, Jerrold, Jessie, Jo, Joann, Johnnie, Joshue, Josiah, Julius, Kelley, Kendall, Keven, Kimberley, Krystal, Lawrence, Lazaro, Lenore, Lola, Lynette, Madge, Malcolm, Marc, Marcel, Marco, Maxine, Meagan, Merle, Miguel, Milagros, Milo, Muriel, Myron, Nannie, Ollie, Otis, Pauline, Penny, Polly, Reba, Reinaldo, Ricky, Ronnie, Rosalinda, Rosanna, Rosanne, Sheree, Sophia, Suzanne, Tameka, Thad, Tyrone, Vera, Virgil, Vivian, Waldo, Wilmer, Wilton, Winnie … and Zelma

That’s just the first names .. I have received multiple spam emails from each of these names a multiple of times .. Each will have a first and last name in the “From” field (I guess to personalize it?) and all have the same content in the body section (see blockquote below). Some emails now are tossing in news from Mexico or China at the bottom of the email .. not that I’m reading it ..

Our Hottest pick this year! Brand new issue Cana Petroleum!

VERY tightly held, in a booming business sector, with a huge publicity
campaign starting up, Cana Petroleum (CNPM) is set to bring all our readers
huge gains. We advise you to get in on this one and ride it to the top!

Symbol: CNPM
Current Price: $2.95
Projected Price: $11.40

Check the stats! Check the level 2! Imagine what this one will do when the
full force of the PR campaign hits it, in conjunction with smashing news!

Major oil discovery? We are not permitted to say at this point. All we can
say is that this one is going to see amazing appreciation in a very short
period of time! This is your opportunity. Win big with CNPM!


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