ClustrMaps Experiment – June 9, 2006

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I wrote a post on May 25, 2006 about ClustrMaps. I had installed the code on my PetLvr site on May 19, 2006 for the following reason:

* I wanted to know if the whole world is reading – [The Blog], and if it truly is “A Website For All Earthlings, Who Love Animals” .. as my Tagline suggests. You can visit that site to see if this is true or not, as the same graphic is in its footer is continually to obtain data as time goes on.

Well, I decided to place a ClustrMap here at 1-800-HART on June 3, 2006 .. for a similar experiment.

* As a Canadian Accountant / Consultant .. I know that bookkeeping and accounting issues are a worldwide concern, but I was curious if I should be posting more current events that are Canada-Specific or if I should be posting some current events that are USA-Specific or even Worldwide-Specific. Or, should I just continue doing whatever the heck I have been doing ..

Personally, my lean towards this 1-800-HART is stuff that generally might be an issue to self-employed, SOHO type of entreprenuers .. like getting organized, bookkeeping, computer issues, stress relief, compliance and backup reminders, and just tips of current events. I know working on your own, it’s nice to keep up with your trade and new developments. I, myself follow 3 or 4 industry-related forums religiously – especially during tax season – and read industry related blogs and websites and newsletters.

I am conscious of keeping a somewhat SOHO tone in this blog by having the occassional business related and/or bookkeeping and accounting tips – even more so now that there are Sponsors to this blog, via Text Link Ads.

Q) So – Who’s reading my blog?

Well, since June 3, 2006 until June 8, 2006 (stats are delayed one day) .. here is the picture, which you can see anytime by clicking the little graphic image in the footer of this website. This picture shows only 188 unique visitors in the 5 days and already a pattern is showing up. It will be interesting to follow its growth of red dots and the development of this blog.


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