Clipperz – Yes I’m Now Storing All Of My Personal Login Information Online!

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Out With The Old Ways

You know .. it was cool when you were asked by your browser to “Remember?” the login and a cookie was saved on my computer and the next time you went to the site – all the login information was actually remembered.

But lately … it seems that my Zone Alarm is deleting my computer’s cookies or, certain sites are starting to detect that I am accessing it from two different computers (my desktop and my laptop) and keeps requesting me to login from scratch – the biggest is all my blogs that are on version 2.6 it would seem.

I’ve always been concerned about having my passwords and usernames on a file on my computer .. I use for this, and all my contacts and phone numbers and notes etc. So, if I’m going to be using my laptop, I have to always copy this cardex system over to the ‘net, and download it with my laptop so I can use the latest version.

But – deleting your text file isn’t good enough … because you are still vulnerable if someone steals your computer. If you are using Firefox, all of your passwords and login userid’s are, by default, visible to anybody who looks. Click the image for a closer view. But, you should consider doing this if you are using Firefox

* From the top menu .. go to TOOLS
* Select menu topic .. OPTIONS
* Click tab … SECURITY
* In the password section .. either UNTICK the “Remember Passwords” for this site, or TICK the “Use Master Password” Option.

If you are remembering passwords, but not using a master password, all people have to do is click “Saved Passwords” and see everything – go ahead and try that!

So I’ve Been Looking To Securely Store My Passwords and Logins Online

I’ve been asking people in forums, searching the internet, trying many sites and even downloaded software trying to find the best solution for me. I won’t mention any of what I tried, because I didn’t like it. However, there was one that I kind of liked, and tested it out for at least a month now, and seem to like it. It’s called Clipperz. I consider it to be one step closer for me “living in the cloud“.

From their website:

* protect your passwords – Clipperz is a free and anonymous online password manager. Local encryption within the browser guarantees that no one except you can read your data. Nothing to install

* one-click login – Tired of entering your credentials in countless online forms? Enjoy the convenience of Clipperz “direct logins” and access web services with just one click.

* got PINs, CVVs, IDs, SSNs? – Clipperz is not just a password manager, it’s a personal online vault for any kind of sensitive data, from burglar alarm codes to confidential notes

* online and offline – Traveling a lot? Hiccups on your DSL line? Afraid of Clipperz downtimes? Relax: with Clipperz offline version your precious and confidential data are always at hand!

Here’s How I Use Clipperz To My Benefit

What I like about Clipperz is the option to have a one click entry into the various sites that I rarely use. I’ve got many usernames (although usually 4 variations) and I’ve got many passwords (although just a handful of variations) and I don’t have to worry about the ones that I normally access everyday more than once, like some of my popular blogs, some forum hangouts, etc. … BECAUSE I KNOW THESE PASSWORDS AND LOGINS OFF BY “HART” ALREADY! But, it’s quite useful for the sites that I don’t visit for longer periods of times when my ZoneAlarm clears my cookies etc. I’ve taken a few screenshots to show you what I mean and how to set something up for yourself.

Step One: Register And Create A New Account

Like any other site, you still need to create a username and password or “passphrase” as they call it. Once you create a passphrase – you have to remember it for always, because there is NO ‘forget password click here’ button to help you. For my purposes, I’ve been using many variations of passwords that I can always remember, and mashed it up into (believe it or not) a 28-character passphrase. Passphrases can be passwords, or it can even be a sentence, with spaces, or title of your favorite book or something that is easy to remember, by you – and not easy to crack – by others.

Step Two: Login

When you first log into the site with your username and passphrase, you are greeted with a warning when the last time you were logged in. I dunno, that type of stuff is interesting to me. I seem to be going there at least once a week, but definitely not everyday – as I suspected, because I’ve only been setting up accounts and logins that I do not normally access every day or two.

Step Three: Add A Bookmarklet To Your Bookmarks

I mentioned before that I have been synchronizing my bookmarks on the ‘net, and I have two links to Clipperz. The first is the link to the login screen, and the second is a “Bookmarklet” script that lets you “ADD TO CLIPPERZ” certain login information that is on the screen.

In the TOOLS section of Clipperz, by the way – where there is also a password generator inside ..

In the same section, is where you find the Bookmarklet instructions ..

Step Four: Go To A Site To Login and “Add To Clipperz”

Here’s the nice part of clipperz. When you go to the login screen of any site, enter your username and password. You can UNTICK the “remember me” box, but don’t login yet. This is where you take your Bookmarklet link and “ADD TO CLIPPERZ”. What will happen is that a javascript will create a popup little window with code inside it. Generally, before I do this – I would be logged into my clipperz account in another tabbed window. I copy the code from the popup, and then go into Clipperz.

Go to .. Add New Card … then Direct Login Screen .. PASTE the code .. and click CREATE.

Step Five: Simple Login

After you add these “direct logins” to your account, you get a list in the left corner of your direct logins like in the image below (which, was ‘borrowed’ from the site and are not my actual login). All you have to do is click on the link and you are instantly logged into the site. Bada-Bada-Bing.

If you will note the center column “CARDS” .. that is just a repeat of all your direct logins, PLUS any new cards and logins and passwords that you can add at any time. These could be….

* Other online Web Passwords
* Bank information
* Credit card information
* Address book entries
* Custom entries, say if you want to keep track of insurance policy information

Honestly, I have a few custom entries created but nothing else but online web passwords at this moment. I do trust the site and might convert over the winter however 🙂

Other Clipperz Things Of Note

* They have this added feature, “One Time Passphrases”. This is handy because you can create a series of one-time only passwords for your account. This would be if you were at a public terminal, or showing your friends or family the account and some prying eyes are watching you log in with your passphrase (good for internet cafes that might also have cameras installed). You just log in with these one-time passphrase and if anybody ever tries to log in with that password, it will fail.

* There is an offline version that you can dump your encrypted data from Clipperz servers to your hard disk and create a read-only offline version of Clipperz to be used when you are not connected to the Internet.

The Clipperz Blog

There is a blog and apparently the developers are looking for a job to help finance the long-term upkeep of this venture. Feel free to donate to them, if you become a user! I’m sure they would appreciate it. Maybe you are an investor .. I’m sure they would like that too 🙂 Here’s a promo slideshow they had on the Clipperz Blog that will tell you a little more about Clipperz, that I might have forgotten.

An introduction to Clipperz

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I have also a lot of passwords to different social sites and others.I use a software called roboform.

I checked out Roboform, but only briefly. Would you recommend it to your friends?

The nice thing about Clipperz is – you don’t have to install any software, and can access it from any computer anywhere you have an internet connection. I’ve been using both my desktop and laptop a lot lately

I have the paid version of Roboform that allows an unlimited amount of passwords.The free version only 10.The bad thing with Roboform is that it is a software, you must install it on every computer you use.I used a service called Only2Clicks before.(

Thanks for the kind and thorough review of Clipperz!

Clipperz co-founder

Hi Marco .. Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Hope you get some nibbles and keep it up!

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