Cleaning up my Sidebar & Creating a New Links Page

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I have added a new “Page” today .. it’s in the right sidebar, just under the “Search” and my cute picture… I call it:

Bloglines and Other Distractions

I like the idea that I can add links to my site just as easily as content. What I didn’t like was using because I have multiple accounts. I might be surfing one website – it may be Pet Related .. but I was logged in under my 1-800-HART account. Or, I might be surfing a small business or accounting website, but I was logged in under my PetLvr account.

But, that wasn’t the only problem .. My right sidebar was starting to get too long. I felt that it was long enough, so why bother to add any sites at all! Easy – problem solved. But, I want to add sites to my Links Page. It would be nice if these people saw me in their “who links to me” analysis and perhaps, return the reciprocal link! 😀

I had decided that I will leave the NON-BLOG websites to be classified under HART’s Bookmarks .. which, you can now access from either the sidebar in the Category section, or to the individual groupings found on this new links page, and the rest will only be BLOGS in this new Links Page.

And, for these blog sites, I am first going through my bloglines that I read all of the time and try to sort them a bit for public viewing. And, as I reduce the count of feeds that I am watching on a daily basis – but want to periodically visit these blogs every blue moon – then I will add those blogs into this new Links Page before I delete it from my bloglines.

Yes – I know I can just make that list public and solve the problem that way, but honestly .. you don’t WANT to know all the stuff I am reading! Or, at least I don’t want you to know – Sorry!

And .. if you don’t really know what I’m talking about BLOGLINES …. click on the word and sign up. Then, come back here and at the top of my right sidebar where the SUB | BLOGLINES button is (under my picture) .. and then you will have automatically add my RSS Feed and get all my updates!

And, once in Bloglines, there is a feature in the bottom left of the page, called “Easy Subscribe Bookmarklet”. Check it out. You can basically add a script so (for example, in Internet Explorer) if you like a blog site and they publish an RSS Feed – they all usually do – you can just Right-Click and add it to your Bloglines.

Take care.


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