Claiming Tuition Transfered from a Child in another Country: International Designated Institutions – Master List

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This post is more for myself, as I am posting a reminder for me where to find the following links next month!


The above links show “The Master List of Designated Educational Institutions” across Canada and around the world.

I have a client who pays for tuition for his daughter in Australia, and wonders if the child can transfer tuition paid to the parent, like normal …

The answer is: YES … provided..

1) The school is on the list and is a designated educational institution
2) The student files a Canadian Income Tax Return
3) Student provides parent T2202A or TL11C and the usual forms needs to be prepared for both ..

The maximum tuition, education, and textbook amount transferred from a child (or from each child), is $5,000 minus the amounts that he or she uses, even if there is still an unclaimed part. Tuition, education, and textbook amounts that the student carried forward from a previous year cannot be transferred.


lacey says:

Thanks for the tuition information. I have a daughter in the same situation in Australia.

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